Ribbon Study EMA free

by qualitiedx2 in category Trend at 17/02/2012

The Moving Average Exponential Ribbon technical indicator is numerous exponential moving averages of increasing time period plotted on the same graph.

Ribbon Study EMA

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Formula / Source Code
Language: C#
Trading Platform: cAlgocTrader

using System;
using cAlgo.API;
using cAlgo.API.Indicators;

namespace cAlgo.Indicators
    [Indicator(IsOverlay = true, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)]
    public class RibbonStudyEMA : Indicator
        [Output("RibEMA1", Color=Colors.White)]
        public IndicatorDataSeries EMA1 { get; set; }
        [Output("RibEMA2", Color=Colors.White)]
        public IndicatorDataSeries EMA2 { get; set; }
        [Output("RibEMA3", Color=Colors.LightYellow)]
        public IndicatorDataSeries EMA3 { get; set; }
        [Output("RibEMA4", Color=Colors.LightYellow)]
        public IndicatorDataSeries EMA4 { get; set; }
        [Output("RibEMA5", Color=Colors.Yellow)]
        public IndicatorDataSeries EMA5 { get; set; }
		[Output("RibEMA6", Color=Colors.Yellow)]
        public IndicatorDataSeries EMA6 { get; set; }
        [Output("RibEMA7", Color=Colors.Gold)]
        public IndicatorDataSeries EMA7 { get; set; }
        [Output("RibEMA8", Color=Colors.Gold)]
        public IndicatorDataSeries EMA8 { get; set; }
        [Output("RibEMA9", Color=Colors.Red)]
        public IndicatorDataSeries EMA9 { get; set; }
        [Output("RibEMA10", Color=Colors.Red)]
        public IndicatorDataSeries EMA10 { get; set; }
        [Parameter(DefaultValue = 5)]
        public int Period1 { get; set; }
        [Parameter(DefaultValue = 10)]
        public int Period2 { get; set; }
        [Parameter(DefaultValue = 15)]
        public int Period3 { get; set; }
        [Parameter(DefaultValue = 20)]
        public int Period4 { get; set; }
        [Parameter(DefaultValue = 25)]
        public int Period5 { get; set; }
        [Parameter(DefaultValue = 30)]
        public int Period6 { get; set; }
        [Parameter(DefaultValue = 35)]
        public int Period7 { get; set; }
        [Parameter(DefaultValue = 40)]
        public int Period8 { get; set; }
        [Parameter(DefaultValue = 45)]
        public int Period9 { get; set; }
        [Parameter(DefaultValue = 50)]
        public int Period10 { get; set; }
		private ExponentialMovingAverage ema1;
		private ExponentialMovingAverage ema2;
		private ExponentialMovingAverage ema3;
		private ExponentialMovingAverage ema4;
		private ExponentialMovingAverage ema5;
		private ExponentialMovingAverage ema6;
		private ExponentialMovingAverage ema7;
		private ExponentialMovingAverage ema8;
		private ExponentialMovingAverage ema9;
		private ExponentialMovingAverage ema10;
		protected override void Initialize()
            ema1 = Indicators.ExponentialMovingAverage(MarketSeries.Close,Period1);
            ema2 = Indicators.ExponentialMovingAverage(MarketSeries.Close,Period2);
            ema3 = Indicators.ExponentialMovingAverage(MarketSeries.Close,Period3);
            ema4 = Indicators.ExponentialMovingAverage(MarketSeries.Close,Period4);
            ema5 = Indicators.ExponentialMovingAverage(MarketSeries.Close,Period5);
            ema6 = Indicators.ExponentialMovingAverage(MarketSeries.Close,Period6);
			ema7 = Indicators.ExponentialMovingAverage(MarketSeries.Close,Period7);
            ema8 = Indicators.ExponentialMovingAverage(MarketSeries.Close,Period8);
            ema9 = Indicators.ExponentialMovingAverage(MarketSeries.Close,Period9);
            ema10 = Indicators.ExponentialMovingAverage(MarketSeries.Close,Period10);
        public override void Calculate(int index)

moneyflow21 - November 05, 2014 @ 18:27

Is there a way to make this ribbon "filled" to look like a cloud?

There are filled ribbon MA's for MT4 can you make one like that for cTrader and post it on this forum in the near future?

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