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Ultimate Pivot Points 2


Based on Ultimate 5 points pivot system [/algos/indicators/show/211]

The Padding Output (last 5)  Colors and line style should be the same as the regular (first 5)
corresponding ones e.g. Daily Pivot should be the same as Daily Pivot Pad.

Currently works only for Less than H12 Timeframe. Check back for updates.
If you will use this as a reference indicator note that the last values of each line
are a different IndicatorDataSeries - e.g. p and P (this was to accomplish a discontinued line)


chartshot of pivots



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kingfrank322 · 4 years ago

Hi, can anyone tell me how i can make pivots not to appear on other time frames like h4,m5 i just need it to be on h1 and m15.Thanks


BlackWealthInstitute · 6 years ago

Can you label the lines please

nealkaplan · 7 years ago

hi, thanks for the work. is there a way to only see the present day and prior day pivot levels. i find seeing all the previous days points distracting and would like the option to view the present day or the present day and prior days levels. thank you.

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Spotware · 9 years ago

You may specify the timezone in the Indicator Attribute

[Indicator(IsOverlay = true, AutoRescale = false, TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC)]

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aramadex · 9 years ago

and how to apply it in a different time zone?

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adaled · 9 years ago

updated to 7 points.

armando_archundia · 9 years ago

Hi could any one, tell me how to add the middle points, and the s3 and r3. Thank you very much