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Display the news on the chart

Notice. There is an update for this algorithm which is awaiting moderation. Please check back soon to view the latest version of this algorithm.

This indicator displays the news of the Forex Factory site for you on the chart.
You can set the indicator to alert you. The alarm is both sound and pop-up
You can adjust what kind of news is displayed in terms of importance to you.
By moving on the lines, the title of the news will be displayed for you.
If there is a problem or you have a suggestion, I will be happy

Last update: June 9, 2023

Calendar On Chart Ctrader



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  • Language: C#
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  • Filename: CalendarOnChart.algo
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ctraderbeta · 2 months ago

I had the same problem.  This does not work for non USA date systems (dd-MM-yyyy vs MM-dd-yyyy) 

If you look in the log tab will have a crashed error

“21/07/2023 04:47:59.020 | Crashed in Initialize with FormatException: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.”


Line 139 needs to be changed from 

var pstTime = System.TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTimeFromUtc(Convert.ToDateTime(Datetime2), TimeZone);



var pstTime = System.TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTimeFromUtc(DateTime.ParseExact(Datetime, "MM-dd-yyyy h:mmtt", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture), TimeZone); 


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meneto · 3 months ago


you're welcome
The idea is good and expandable

Splash The · 3 months ago

Yes thank you, that is much cleaner

I was trying to get my latest crossover indicater to trigger OnBar so I could use different wav files for different events, when Iasked C-GPT it suggested a sounplayed...previousbar... ex... but this would mostly only work in one direction, and it tryed to build a 16bit player as well (C-GPT dosn't realy understand cAlgo lmao)

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meneto · 3 months ago

Hello dear friend: VEI5S6C4OUNT0
I added new options to the previous code and I think it is what you want. Please see the new code at the address below:

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meneto · 3 months ago

Hello dear friend: Ryosuke
I made some changes to the code. I hope your problem is solved.
If it doesn't solve the problem, check to see what error it is getting and send me that error

Splash The · 3 months ago

Try Net.4 Legacy.

Ryosuke · 3 months ago


Thank you for making such a useful indicator. For some reason, it's not displaying on my charts. I tried it on the latest version of Spotware cTrader and also my broker's cTrader on a few different charts, but after setting the indicator, it's not displaying anything. Do you have an idea where the issue might be?

Thank you. 


Splash The · 3 months ago

if macd crossover && rsi crossover && stochastic crossover && mafast> maslow

Splash The · 3 months ago

This could expanded in so many ways, Tick volume if  (Bid => bid + 10) for higher volume notice


if (Bid => Bars.ClosePrices.Last(3) for direction notice

or like the 3 line strick indicator I made to notify reversals ???

Splash The · 3 months ago

I notice almost strait away I can here trades being hedged

bing bing bong = buyers being stopped with sellers

bong bong bing = sellers being stopped with buyers

It works....

Splash The · 3 months ago

or maybe....

eg;        var Upsound = GenerateSouns.Wave.Sine.500,200;

...       if .....

...       Notifications.PlaySound(Upsound);

...       ........

Splash The · 3 months ago

That is exactly what I was thinking yes. Thank you.

Does this need the sound files or can we ask , eg PlaySound.SineSave.500khz,200ms;  .

I was thinking about how different tones could be used for different charts extra..

if file is needed I can make them with audacity and add / modify to (@"C:\......) ?

Using a sine generate comand then we can set any tone as needed.

using files I would need to duplicate indicator for each chart and set the file in each as needed. ?

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meneto · 3 months ago

Dear friend, test this indicator
Do you have something like this in mind?


Splash The · 3 months ago

Open 5 charts EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURAUD, GBPUSD on the 1 or 5 min and you see how these markets price against each other like a game of toss the ball.

Splash The · 3 months ago

It's for Scalping as, if you just sit and watch after some time the brain starts to see paterns in market behavior ie; open, sessions, news, and like often during the news there is a raly then the hype dies of and the gap is closes back to original price like music / sports event you can hear the trend ...Maybe

It is an experiment that I wonder if I can here things instead of just staring all day like Pink

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meneto · 3 months ago

I hope it helped you!!
What does the idea that you said help to increase the win rate?

Splash The · 4 months ago

Interesting Code.

I have an idea but I dont know how to do it ( tried ChatGPT failed lol )

a simple Tick indicator with audio eg; up tick "Ping" down tick "Bong"  ... got any ideas  ?