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VegaXLR Indicators Complete Bundle



This bundle consists of 8 cTrader Indicators and 1 cBot. It comprises various tools that significantly ease your trading experience, such as moving average alerts, trendlines, horizontal and vertical line alerts, candlestick pattern alerts, zigzag alerts, and more. By purchasing this bundle, you will save $53.50.

It comes with a quick guide on installation and usage.


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Here is the list of all the indicators and cBot included:

  1. Chart Patterns Alerts: Automatically detects and provides alerts for numerous chart patterns.
  2. ZigZag Alerts: ZigZag lines with customizable swing detection sensitivity, label options, Fibonacci calculation, and comprehensive alerts.
  3. Candlestick Patterns Alerts: Candlestick patterns detection for 34 different patterns with an alert system.
  4. Bar Close Alert Manager: Alerts you when a bar closes. Works with any timeframe. Great for Tick, Renko and Range.
  5. Fibonacci Alerts: Detects Fibonacci retracements and expansions levels present on the chart and alerts you when a level is touched.
  6. Fibonacci Bands: Generates Fibonacci Bands based on a Moving Average. Works like a dynamic Fibonacci channel indicator.
  7. Moving Average Alerts: Alerts for MA crossovers, MA direction change, Price and MA touch and Proximity to MA.
  8. Unlimited Trendline Alerts: Alerts for trendlines, Horizontal Lines and Vertical Lines. Works with as many lines as you want.
  9. Profit Defender: Two trailing stop strategies. Leves and Big Bars. Includes an alert system.


Here you can see each of the items present in this bundle:


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