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How to install
free  07 Jun 2021
Fibonacci Drawing
free  10 Jun 2021
This sample indicator allows you to draw most popular Fibonacci drawing tools on your chart. It's designed to work like a built-in feature of cTrader platform, you can draw any of the Fibonacci drawing tools by clicking on the indicator buttons menu for that specific tool and then click on your chart to plot it. The Fibonacci Drawing is open source and if you are a cTrader automate API developer you can use this as a sample for developing highly sophisticated add-ons for cTrader by using the full power of cTrader automate API. Features Have almost all popular Fibonacci drawing tools like retracement, expansion, speed resistance fan, time zone, trend based time, and channel Works like a built-in feature of cTrader Doesn't occupy too much space on your chart, you can expand/collapse it anytime Save/load drawings, you can share your drawings with other cTrader users and they can just load it on their charts Full customizable, you can change each drawing specific settings based on your needs Show or hide all drawn objects by clicking on indicator show/hide buttons Remove all drawn objects with one click Multi time frame filter This indicator is open source, if you are interested you can contribute on Github:  spotware/fibonacci-drawing Changelog Version Release Date: June 10, 2021 Added: New option for showing/hiding the price and time levels of Fibonacci Resistance fan Fixed: A major bug on Fan patterns Version Release Date: June 8, 2021 Added: Fibonacci Expansion drawing tool Changed: Improved logger  
free  30 May 2021
Hello, this code is for the outher author. His name: Panagiotis Charalampous. This indicator was published on this site, on this page: cTDN Forum - Moving average cloud ( I decided to publish because I had lost the address of the post, so if someone uses the indcador, can download it from here directly, without having to create it on the platform through the code provided in the request of the page I reported. I'm informing the author and the page where the code is, I believe they don't break any rules that way. Indicators from this images: Keltner channels, Rounded numbers, Tail renko (Poshtrader site), and moving average cloud for this post.    
free  23 May 2021
Just Kijun-Sen from Ichimoku system. Plain and simple Shift option is added and 2 different modes for calculation
by VitoFX
free  25 May 2021
Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) Indicator Enhanced version based on the earlier work of cysecsbin.01 - VWAP with Daily, Weekly and Monthly WAPS Indicator and - VWAP with Bands Indicator   Version history: v1.0 - initial release v1.1 - candle coloring added v1.2 - coloring issue fixed
free  18 May 2021
Based on Ichimoku Timeframe H4 & D1   Indicator: Ichimoku Timeframe Analysis: D1 & H4 T Platform: ctrader Broker: ICMarkets Strategy Details... 1. Baseline and conversion line cross on D1 2. Baseline and conversion line cross on H4 3. Price cross conversion line on H4 4. Price Kumo Breakout H4 5. Kumo Status: Rising of Falling H4 You can enter trades using stop orders when indicators displays a 80% . Note: This indicator does not give entry signals, It only displays trend bias.   For more details: Telergram: @orglobalng Take trades at your risk.  
SSL Indicator
by BartNL
free  11 May 2021
The SSL indicator consists of two SMAs, one of the Highs,the other of the Lows. On Close above High SMA, the indicator is Long, on Close below Low SMA, the indicator is Short. The Long vs. Short is visualized by a red and a blue line. When Long, the blue line is at the High SMA and the red line is at the Low SMA. When Short, the red line is at the High SMA and the blue line is at the Low SMA. Furthermore, transitions between Long and Short coincide with crossing of the red and blue lines.  
Pivot Points
free  09 May 2021
Show Pivot Points
MR Renko Overlay
free  04 May 2021
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. I present another indicator from my collection. This is a Renko chart and the calculation of its balance lines. It is only a reference since it takes values from the Renco graph to calculate the balance lines and not the value of the real tick. The size of the brick can be customized. It is not really a Renko chart, but the calculations are based on this concept. I do not recommend it for trading, only for market research. Sincerely, TF: t1 - Brick size: 0.1 pips Take a look of the risk: Many thanks to the Japanese people for the Renko charts. It stay a lot of learn.
free  23 May 2021
Absolute strength of averages with added histogram for better visability  
paid  23 Apr 2021
Retail Sentiment What if there was a way to know where the majority of retail traders were positioned in any given symbol at any given time?       "Data Confirms Grim Truth: 70-80% of Retail Traders are Unprofitable" Simply trade against the majority of retail traders and you'll be guaranteed to profit. Contact for price. Screenshots The green line represents retail buyers and red is sellers. Once retail buyers are the majority, the edge is in doing the opposite. EURUSD
by summer
free  13 May 2021
各チャートのタイムフレームによってMAのサイクルを自動で切り替えることができます。 The MA cycle can be switched automatically according to the time frame of each chart.