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How to install
free  22 Feb 2022
This indicator is an integration of two other indicators, viz Zigzag developed by Jiri and Andrew's Pitchfork indicators.   using cAlgo.API; using cAlgo.API.Internals; using cAlgo.API.Indicators; namespace cAlgo.Indicators { [Indicator(IsOverlay = true, AutoRescale = true, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)] public class AndrewsPitchforkZigZag : Indicator { #region Properties [Parameter()] public DataSeries High { get; set; } [Parameter()] public DataSeries Low { get; set; } [Parameter("Period", DefaultValue = 16, MinValue = 1)] public int Period { get; set; } [Output("ZigZagSeries", Color = Colors.Green, Thickness = 1, PlotType = PlotType.Line)] public IndicatorDataSeries ZigZagSeries { get; set; } [Parameter("Show Andrews Pitch Fork", DefaultValue = true)] public bool ShowAndrewsPitchFork { get; set; } #endregion #region Variables private double currentZigZagHigh = 0; private double currentZigZagLow = 0; private int lastSwingIndex = -1; private double lastSwingPrice = 0.0; private int trendDir = 0; private int CurrentBar = 0; #endregion protected override void Initialize() { } public override void Calculate(int index) { CurrentBar = High.Count; if (CurrentBar < 2) return; if (lastSwingPrice == 0.0) lastSwingPrice = Low[index] + (High[index] - Low[index]) / 2; bool isSwingHigh = High[index] == Functions.Maximum(High, Period); bool isSwingLow = Low[index] == Functions.Minimum(Low, Period); double saveValue = 0.0; bool addHigh = false; bool addLow = false; bool updateHigh = false; bool updateLow = false; if (trendDir == 1 && isSwingHigh && High[index] >= lastSwingPrice) { saveValue = High[index]; updateHigh = true; } else if (trendDir == -1 && isSwingLow && Low[index] <= lastSwingPrice) { saveValue = Low[index]; updateLow = true; } else if (trendDir <= 0 && isSwingHigh) { saveValue = High[index]; addHigh = true; trendDir = 1; } else if (trendDir >= 0 && isSwingLow) { saveValue = Low[index]; addLow = true; trendDir = -1; } if (addHigh || addLow || updateHigh || updateLow) { if (updateHigh && lastSwingIndex >= 0) { ZigZagSeries[lastSwingIndex] = double.NaN; } else if (updateLow && lastSwingIndex >= 0) { ZigZagSeries[lastSwingIndex] = double.NaN; } if (addHigh || updateHigh) { currentZigZagHigh = saveValue; ZigZagSeries[index] = currentZigZagHigh; } else if (addLow || updateLow) { currentZigZagLow = saveValue; ZigZagSeries[index] = currentZigZagLow; } lastSwingIndex = CurrentBar - 1; lastSwingPrice = saveValue; } if (ShowAndrewsPitchFork) DrawAndrewsPitchFork(index); } public void DrawAndrewsPitchFork(int index) { int barIndex1 = 0; int barIndex2 = 0; int barIndex3 = 0; int barIndex4 = 0; for (int i = index; i >= 0; i--) { if (ZigZagSeries[i] > 0) { if (barIndex4 == 0) { barIndex4 = i; } else if (barIndex3 == 0) { barIndex3 = i; } else if (barIndex2 == 0) { barIndex2 = i; } else if (barIndex1 == 0) { barIndex1 = i; break; } } } var y1 = ZigZagSeries[barIndex1]; var y2 = ZigZagSeries[barIndex2]; var y3 = ZigZagSeries[barIndex3]; var andrewsPitchfork = Chart.DrawAndrewsPitchfork("AndrewsPitchFork", barIndex1, y1, barIndex2, y2, barIndex3, y3, Color.Red); andrewsPitchfork.IsInteractive = true; } } }    
free  07 Jun 2021
Aroon Multi Time Frame
free  07 May 2020
The Aroon indicator - Aroon means "Morning dawn" in Sanskrit - was published by Tushar Chande in 1995. It is a very well designed indicator that indicates the amount of time that has passed since the period's high or low has occurred. Tushar Chande is a well known scientist, market analyst, and author of several trading books including "Beyond Technical Analysis". He has developed a variety of intelligent indicators. The Aroon Indicator consists of AroonUp and AroonDown. How both are calculated can be found on numerous web sites. It is less relevant in the framework of this divergence strategy. It is suffices to say  that when AroonDown is high the low market price has happened recently and when AroonUp is low the high market price has happened a while ago. Also thansk to see me now the Aroon in a different way, Muchas Gracias to Hong Kong :-) XAUUSD in m15 Aroon MTF in h1
AS Signal
free  01 Nov 2020
This is a signal indicator based on a couple of moving averages and oscillators. A green arrow indicates a buy entry sign, while a red arrow indicates a sell entry sign. The sign that appears on the currently updating bar can be repainted, but once the bar is fixed, it will not be repainted again. The signal is more effective in higher timeframe.   Notice:It does not guarantee any particular outcome or profit of any kind. Please enjoy trading at your own risk.   © 2020, Taro Yamada,   We can also take orders for algorithm development. Please feel free to contact us.   Please download from here for free AS Signal  
by st0424
free  20 Dec 2013
This indicator draws a line in the range of Asia time. You can freely set the time separator. By default, I have a range (Japan time) 7:00 to 15:00.  
by mfejza
free  17 Feb 2023
The ATR Stop and Reverse, is a very simple trading system used for scalping. The indicators used in this trading system basically focus on the stop and reverse concept, as in the parabolic SAR indicator . In this version you can definate to use ATR or Fix for defination reverse Pips Zone.
Auto HeatMap
free  23 Jun 2019
Follow my cTrader Telegram group at; it's a new community but it will grow fast, plus everyone can talk about cTrader indicators and algorithm without restrictions, though it is not allowed to spam commercial indicators to sell them. This is a HeatMap that will automatically make out the currencies that make up the current cross and confront them with all the other majors separately. ONLY USE THIS ON FOREX (obv it won't work with other assets) USE THIS IF YOU HAVE A FAST INTERNET CONNECTION (since cTrader API isn't thread safe multithreaded download are not allowed, and loading this may take a while if your internet connection is not fast enough) The Periods parameter modifies the Moving Average used as pivot in the calculations. The color of the crosses shown is relative to the chart's cross, i.e. if I'm looking at EURUSD and I see USDJPY: -110 pips in green, it is because the influence on the chart's cross is positive/bullish even if is negative/bearish for USDJPY itself. For any bug or suggestion, comment below or talk to me directly by joining the group above. Enjoy
by dhnhuy
free  04 Apr 2023
Auto Trendlines with Retest. Can apply on Price chart, or any Indicator chart. HighSource: source for finding Maxima. LowSource: source for finding Minima. Period: Period for finding local Extrema. DrawOnChart: Yes if you want trend lines on price. No for indicator (The HighSource and LowSource must be selected to indicators). Ctrl click on a place on Chart to do retest. When retest active, a vertical dot yellow line appears, drag the line to move retest. Press delete to delete the retest and switch to live mode. The display beside each trendline are the angle and the period. Angle (Period). Retest in action: Add Trendline for Stochastic Osc: In action: retest can go together:
by dhnhuy
free  05 Apr 2023
Similar to my Auto Trendlines with Retest, however you add a pair in 1 shot, one on Price Chart an another one on an Oscillator. It could be useful to spot Divergence. Period: Period for finding local Extrema. Ctrl click on a place on Chart to do retest. When retest active, a vertical dot yellow line appears, drag the line to move retest. Press delete to delete the retest and switch to live mode. The display beside each trendline are the angle and the period. Angle (Period).
Automatic Switching MA
by summer
free  13 May 2021
各チャートのタイムフレームによってMAのサイクルを自動で切り替えることができます。 The MA cycle can be switched automatically according to the time frame of each chart.
Avramis River
free  06 Oct 2021
 River is a visual identifications tool that can offer more information regarding market sentiment and clarity of price trend Used to scan through markets to spot trending opportunities or warn of ranging conditions Provides context to the price action and reflects support and resistance zones that can be used for trend following Used in combination with other technical tools and techniques for execution purposes Interpretation Price action relative to the rivers Crossover of rivers Slope of rivers Distance between rivers Possible support and resistance levels Uptrend Price above the blue river Blue river above the gold river And the rivers strongly upward sloping Downtrend Price below the blue river Blue river below the gold river And the rivers strongly downward sloping Weak Trend Lower tops and lower bottoms The weakness of the strength of the trend can be identified using the river In a weak trend, we expect to see the rivers mixing the price not remaining completely below the blue river  
AW Box Live
free  27 Jan 2023
this indicator add rectangle to your chart from last bar. update: NET6 update: add arrow  add mid time line Atention:: ex: you set Period 10 This indicagtor shows 10 Candle in box but if you use Ctrader ruler that shows 9 because ctrader ruler shows distance.