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How to install
Chandelier Exit
free  30 Apr 2014
Developed by Charles Le Beau and featured in Alexander Elder's books, the Chandelier Exit sets a trailing stop-loss based on the Average True Range (ATR). The indicator is designed to keep traders in a trend and prevent an early exit as long as the trend extends. Typically, the Chandelier Exit will be above prices during a downtrend and below prices during an uptrend.  
Bollinger Bands Width
free  17 Feb 2014
Bollinger Bands Width is a technical analysis indicator derived from the standard Bollinger Bands indicator. Bollinger Bands are a volatility indicator which creates a band of three lines which are plotted in relation to a security's price. The Middle Line is typically a 20 Day Simple Moving Average. The Upper and Lower Bands are typically 2 standard deviations above and below the SMA (Middle Line). Bollinger Bands Width serve as a way to quantitatively measure the width between the Upper and Lower Bands. BBW can be used to identify trading signals in some instances. John Bollinger, introduced Bollinger Bands Width in 2010 almost 3 decades after the introduction of his Bollinger Bands.
by Kate
free  18 Nov 2013
Predicts intraday volatility using historical volatility for specific time of day. RateOfChange - EMA factor, less RateOfChange - more days are aggregated.  
Average Daily Range
free  14 Nov 2013
A measure of volatility for the currency pair. The average daily range is the average of the daily range (High - Low) over a given number of days. It can be calculated over different periods.  
free  12 Oct 2013
This indicator show standard volatility extrem oversold & overbough witht tick-weighted average price (TWAP) because platform dont have history of volume even if platform FXPRO cTrader ECN/STP have Bid & Ask @price !!! to create volume-weighted average price (VWAP). Sorry for this. I use this instrument EUR & USD to analyze volatility because have 57,6% of USDx and can good trade of first standard deviation of volume market profile that is 70% volume on nontrend days & 30% in trend direction & correlation is -1 with USDx. Sell The Rally if price crose upper bands & Buy On The Dips if price crose lower bands. Good Luck to make pips :-)  
ATR Stops
free  11 Oct 2013
ATR Stops provides trend following stops using average true range.  Signals are used for entries/exits: Exit a long position / enter short when price crosses below the stop line. Exit your short position / enter long when price crosses above the stop line.  
free  27 Aug 2013
The Central Pivot Range (CPR). Before using this indicator, please specify desired time zone in the code:         Then, change time zone in cTrader/cAlgo:   If you do everything correctly, period separators will correspond pivot range lines:
Average True Range
by condor
free  12 Jun 2013
The average true range indicator.
free  26 Feb 2013
This Average True Range is based on the True Range Indicator provided by cTrader / cAlgo and has been overlayed with a simple Moving average. It is valid for all time frames and the period can be triggered by a parameter (default value is 14 units with respect to the chosen time frame) Have fun and good trades
free  03 Dec 2012
As used by the Forex Peace Army in Steve Tutorial. Gives the point of entry by placing a line along the top/Bottom of the spikes. Distance from zero line is different for each pair Top of the spikes to chose is the spikes top give a reasonable trade. Trend may be defined by measuring the distance between zero and chosing the greatest distance. Pay more attention to recent peaks.    
Average True Range
free  15 Apr 2013
The Average True Range (ATR) is an indicator that measures volatility. A volatility formula based only on the high-low range would fail to capture volatility from gap or limit moves. Wilder created Average True Range to capture this "missing" volatility. It is important to remember that ATR does not provide an indication of price direction, just volatility.
Donchian Channels
by novlog
free  14 Aug 2012
Donchian Channels is a volatility indicator based on the calculation of the current price range with the help of the recent highest and lowest prices.  All that is needed to calculate the Channel is to find the highest maximum and the lowest minimum for a definite period.