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How to install
paid  01 Feb 2023
const   cCPF         = 0;   cSenha       = 0;   cCodigo      = 1234567890;   cDia1        = 22;   cMes1        = 12;   cAno1        = 2023;   cDia2        = 22;   cMes2        = 12;   cAno2        = 2023; input   CPF          (0);   Senha        (0); begin   if ((ELDate(cAno1, cMes1, cDia1) = ELDate(cAno2, cMes2, cDia2)) and       (CurrentDate <= (ELDate(cAno1, cMes1, cDia1))) and       (((CPF = cCPF) and (Senha = cSenha)) or (CPF = cCodigo)))  then begin begin plot (mediaexp(9,Ifr(6))); end; begin if (mediaexp(5,IFR(6)))>(mediaexp(12,IFR(9))) then setplotcolor(1,clyellow ); setplotwidth(1,2); end; begin if(mediaexp(5,IFR(5)))<(mediaexp(12,IFR (9))) then setplotcolor(1,clyellow); begin plot3(mediaexp(50,Ifr(25)[1]*1.423)); setplotcolor(3,clskyblue); setplotwidth(3,2); end; begin Plot4(mediaexp(50,IFR (25)[1]/1.423)); setplotcolor(4,clskyblue); setplotwidth(4,2); end; end; end     else     begin       PaintBar(clBranco);     end; end  
paid  01 Feb 2023
begin if (Low < BollingerBands(2.0, 20, 0)|1|) and (Close > Open) then PaintBar(clyellow  )         else if(High > BollingerBands(2.0, 20, 0)|0|) and (Close < Open) then PaintBar(clyellow);     end end;
<Lusitanis> - Volume
paid  20 Dec 2022
Lusitanis Investments This indicator is an alternative to Tick Volume, where you can customize bear or bull candlestick colors. It contains a visual aid, allowing you to quickly identify a [important] doji candle in the volume, with the option of choosing its color. Ex: Red Volume: Bear Candle Green Volume: Bull Candle Blue Volume: Doji Candle, quick view to know when the trend lose strength / show indecision Also after adding the indicator, the creation of the next candles will originate in the graphic development of the volume, the recording of the sentiment of the representative volume of the candle in question. Ex: Contact: