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Zone Hedging v1
free  29 Sep 2020
This bot places orders between the zone. Every position compensates for losing trade with a higher volume.  Here is a sample hedging. Avoid to trade while ranging market.   
free  29 Sep 2020
Unlimited use for Backtesting / Optimisation. 14-day trial for live trading.  DOWNLOAD HERE   Backtesting results on an AUD $1000 account (updated as we go): GBPUSD H4 - 950% Profit from Jan 1 2020 to Sep 28 2020 GBPUSD H4 - 300% Profit from June 1 2020 to Sep 28 2020 Licensing is only required for live trading. For purposes as such backtesting and optimisation this software is free and fully featured, without restrictions so you can test out what we claim. This trading system is a highly efficient robot based on the Waddah Attar Explosion indicator for accurate entry signals, working in conjunction with a variety of trend indicators, advanced risk management systems, and optionally a News Manager. Please join us at our Telegram Group for any question/query, and meet a bunch of friendly traders. :)  ALGO reDefine     Features Enhanced implementation of WAE, ST and HMA trading algorithms Advanced entry confirmations Advanced exit triggers including exiting trades on trend reversal detections Dynamic trading volume based on % of equity/balance Customisable Trailing StopLoss (with Break-Even) 5-level Advanced Take Profit High-performance/accuracy backtesting and optimisation On-chart indicator drawing New Manager with fully support for backtesting and optimisation [BETA] Telegram and Email with customisable templates Fully automated position creation/management. Changelog   1.2 (Sept 29, 2020) - Fixed a bug that could reduce profit in BUY positions when TSL is enabled. (MORE profits than advertised!) 1.1 (Sept 28, 2020) - Fixed DotNet Framework dependency crash 1.0 (Sept 28, 2020) - Initial Release    
paid  26 Sep 2020
In finance, psychological level is a price level in technical analysis that  significantly affects the price of an underlying security, commodity, currency or a  derivative. Typically, the number is something that is easy to remember, such  as a rounded-off number. When a specific security, commodity, currency or  derivative reaches such a price, financial market participants (traders, market  makers, brokers, investors, etc.) tend to act on their positions (buy, sell or hold)‚Äč OBS.: The demo version works only on EURCHF charts.
free  26 Sep 2020
Pepperstone Group Limited USDX m1 g2nvn | cTrader A Picture speaks more than a thousand words
free  26 Sep 2020
Pepperstone Group Limited USDX m1 02nvn | cTrader  
paid  25 Sep 2020
This trading system is a community-driven project which is based on the Waddah Attar Explosion indicator for accurate entry signals, it uses a variety of trend indicators and advanced risk management. So far the community feedback has been positive and the results look promising. Download the Waddah Attar Explosion Trading System Read the user Guide Watch a Video Demonstration Ask a Question?   Join The WAE Community Chat Room This product benefits from a growing group of traders who actively use this trading system and share cBot settings, you can either join our main ClickAlgo chat group or join the dedicated group for the Waddah Atar trading system. WAE Support Chat Group Join the Main ClickAlgo Chat Group   Paul Hayes Sales & Marketing Email: Phone: (44) 203 289 6573 Website: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Pinterest | LinkedIn PS: Why not join our instant chat group on Telegram.
paid  25 Sep 2020
Half Trend with Pip Analyser The Half Trend is an indicator that calculates the Maximum Price “High” and Minimum Price “Low”. The Half Trend is a Moving Average based market trend identifying tool that suits all sorts of trading styles. This indicator can signal both the trend and trade at the same time. This Indicator assists you to get strong Entry Points. To ignore false signals caused by rapid price changes in a time frame, add “Bars ago”, so the current bar will be ignored, there is no Repaint when you set the value 1. As an example when a false signal is in the H1 time frame, we won’t be seeing it. When the trend is confirmed, you will see an Arrow after the bar close. The arrows and pips shown can be switched on and off from the indicator settings. The PIP Analyser shows you the PIPs from each Long or Short Trend. Use this Indicator in combination with the Price Change Dashboard to get the best results in price trend movement.
free  25 Sep 2020
The Price Change Dashboard comes with four Time Frames. You can choose the current Time Frame and see how the price changes, shown as a percent. When the price moves rapidly, you will see a higher price change percent on the Price Change Dashboard, giving you a good signal with your other technical indicators. Trade when all Time Frames are in the same Price Trend. The Price Change Dashboard is also suitable for Fundamental Traders, to monitor the Volatility with Price Changes before jumping into a trade.
paid  24 Sep 2020
 Forex Trading Sessions Indicator, When I'm trading I realized that the price use pivot or strongly change at time that change trading session. Ex New York open, London Open. Show I have coded an indicator for that purpose. Buy this at  Forex Trading Sessions Indicator   Parameters  
paid  22 Sep 2020
highlights the sessions
MD Indicator
free  21 Sep 2020
This is a Trend indicator for cTrader. It is based on MovingAverages.   Trading example   If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us in the comments!!!   Notice:It does not guarantee any particular outcome or profit of any kind. Please enjoy trading at your own risk.   Download for FREE from here MD Indicator  
by xabbu
free  20 Sep 2020
cTrader NNFX Infos on chart - new and enhanced version - cheers to VP (Patrick Victor) the creator of No Nonsense Forex screenshot of NNFX infos on chart V.2