API Programmers Guides


Whether you are a novice or an expert in developing cBots (automated strategies) and indicators you can benefit from reading the cAlgo guides to develop your own code or modify code according to your needs. The guides are designed to get you started coding simple indicators and strategies quickly and then advance to more elaborate trading techniques with further reading. You may read the guides online or download the PDF version.

Basics of cAlgo

With cAlgo you can write custom indicator and automated strategy programs (cBots).

An Indicator is a technical analysis method that is mainly used in examining market trends. A cBot is used to do automated trading.

A text editor included in the platform enables writing these programs efficiently by utilizing intellisense and including the API Reference in a panel to the right. Additionally, a file explorer to the left includes a list of all the indicators and robots you create, in alphabetical order, as well as a search box on top.

A chart view enables viewing the results of an indicator or robot when an instance of the respective program has been added. A new instance of an indicator can be added by clicking the plus button, once the program has been built by clicking the build button, right next to the add button. The down arrow button is a drop down list that provides additional functionalities. cBots need to be started after a new instance has been added by clicking the start button. cBots may be stopped manually or from within the code. Indicators on the other hand will continue running until the instance is removed. To keep cAlgo running more efficiently remove any unnecessary instances of programs.

This location where rograms are saved can be accessed by clicking the down arrow button and then “Show In Folder”. Typically, that is Documents\cAlgo\Sources\Indicators and Documents\cAlgo\Sources\Robots folders.