All classes in cAlgo.API

AccessRightsEnumcBots and Indicators Access Rights.
ApplicationInterfaceRepresents the application.
BarStructRepresents the Bar object.
BarOpenedEventArgsClassProvides data for the event when a new bar opened on the chart.
BarsInterfaceRepresents the Bars interface - the collection of Bar objects.
BarsHistoryLoadedEventArgsClassProvides data for the history loaded event.
BarsTickEventArgsClassProvides data for the tick bar event.
BorderClassRepresents the border.
ButtonClassRepresents the button.
ButtonClickEventArgsClassRepresents the button click event data.
CanvasClassDefines an area to position child elements by coordinates relative to the Canvas area.
CharacterCasingEnumSpecifies the case of characters typed manually into a TextBox control.
ChartInterfaceRepresents the Chart Interface.
ChartAndrewsPitchforkInterfaceRepresents the Andrew's Pitchfork chart object. A tool that helps to identify possible support and resistance levels with the three parallel lines.
ChartAreaInterfaceThe Chart Area Interface.
ChartColorEventArgsClassProvides data for the chart color event.
ChartColorSettingsInterfaceRepresents the charts Color Settings.
ChartDisplaySettingsInterfaceRepresents the chart display settings.
ChartDisplaySettingsEventArgsClassProvides data for the chart display settings event.
ChartDragEventArgsClassProvides data for the chart dragging event.
ChartDrawingInterfaceRepresents the Drawing chart object.
ChartEllipseInterfaceRepresent the Ellipse chart object.
ChartEquidistantChannelInterfaceRepresents the Equidistant Channel chart object. The tool that allows drawing two precisely parallel lines in any direction on the chart.
ChartFibonacciBaseInterfaceRepresents the Fibonacci tools options.
ChartFibonacciExpansionInterfaceRepresents the Fibonacci Expansion chart object.
ChartFibonacciFanInterfaceRepresents the Fibonacci Fan chart object.
ChartFibonacciRetracementInterfaceRepresents the Fibonacci Retracement chart object.
ChartHorizontalLineInterfaceRepresents the Horizontal Line chart object. Used to mark a certain value on the Y-axis throughout the whole chart.
ChartIconInterfaceRepresents the Icon chart object.
ChartIconTypeEnumRepresents the type of the Icon.
ChartMouseEventArgsClassProvides data for the mouse related routed events.
ChartMouseWheelEventArgsClassProvides data for the mouse wheel scroll event.
ChartObjectInterfaceRepresents the chart object.
ChartObjectEventArgsClassProvides data for the chart object change event.
ChartObjectHoverChangedEventArgsClassProvides data for the mouse hover over a chart object event.
ChartObjectsAddedEventArgsClassProvides data for the adding chart objects event.
ChartObjectsEventArgsClassProvides data for the chart objects change event.
ChartObjectsRemovedEventArgsClassProvides data for the removing chart objects event.
ChartObjectsSelectionChangedEventArgsClassProvides data for the chart objects selecting or deselecting event.
ChartObjectsUpdatedEventArgsClassProvides data for the chart objects update event.
ChartObjectTypeEnumThe chart object types.
ChartRectangleInterfaceRepresents the Rectangle chart object. A rectangle of any preferable size and rotation that can be drawn directly in the chart, bound to X-Y axises.
ChartScrollEventArgsClassProvides data for the chart scrolling event.
ChartShapeInterfaceRepresents the Shape chart object. Allows drawing a Rectangle, a Triangle, and an Ellipse on the chart.
ChartSizeEventArgsClassProvides data for the chart size change event.
ChartStaticTextInterfaceRepresents the chart static text.
ChartTextInterfaceRepresents the Text chart object. Allows place the text anywhere on the chart, bound to the chart.
ChartTrendLineInterfaceRepresents the Trend Line chart object. A straight line that can be drawn from point 1 to the point 2 in any direction to mark the trends on the chart.
ChartTriangleInterfaceRepresents the Triangle chart object.
ChartTypeEnumRepresents the predefined chart types.
ChartTypeEventArgsClassProvides data for the chart type chage event.
ChartVerticalLineInterfaceRepresents the Vertical Line chart object. The line parallel to the Y-axis that can be set on a certain time value on the X-axis.
ChartZoomEventArgsClassProvides data for the chart type change event.
CheckBoxClassRepresents the Checkbox.
CheckBoxEventArgsClassProvides data for the checkbox event.
CloudAttributeClassRepresents the cloud between the indicator lines.
ColorClassRepresents an ARGB (alpha, red, green, blue) color.
ColorThemeEnumRepresents the color theme.
ColorThemeChangeEventArgsClassProvides data for the color theme change event.
ControlClassRepresents the Chart Control class.
ControlBaseClassRepresents the base of chart controls.
ControlPropertyEnumRepresents the Control property enumeration used in Style to get or set a style for a specific property.
ControlStateEnumRepresents the chart control state.
CornerRadiusStructRepresents the radii of a rectangle's corners.
CustomControlClassRepresents the custom control to create reusable controls with customized look and behavior.
DataSeriesInterfaceRepresents a read only list of values, typically used to represent market price series. The values are accessed with an array-like [] operator.
DefaultStylesClassRepresent the list of default styles for the built-in controls.
DockEnumSpecifies where a chart control will be docked inside the DockPanel.
DockPanelClassDefines the area where you can arrange child elemens either horizontally or vertically, relative to each other.
EllipseClassRepresents the ellipse shape.
ErrorInterfaceEncapsulates an error code.
ErrorCodeEnumEnumeration of standard error codes.
FibonacciLevelInterfaceRepresents the Fibonacci Level.
FillRuleEnumSpecifies how the intersecting areas of PathFigure objects contained in a Geometry are combined to form the area of the Geometry.
FontStyleEnumSpecifies style information applied to text.
FontWeightEnumSpecifies the weight or thickness of the font.
FunctionsClassThis class contains valuable functions that apply to DataSeries.
GetFitnessArgsInterfaceRepresents the custom fitness calculation interface.
GridClassRepresents the Grid class.
GridColumnInterfaceRepresents the column of the grid.
GridLengthClassRepresents the length of the grid.
GridRowInterfaceRepresents the row of the grid.
GridUnitTypeEnumRepresents the type of the grid unit.
HistoricalTradeInterfaceRepresents the historical trade interface.
HistoryInterfaceProvides access to methods of the historical trades collection
HorizontalAlignmentEnumDescribes horizontal position related to an anchor point or a parent element
ImageClassRepresents the image chart control.
IndicatorClassBase class for Indicators.
IndicatorAreaInterfaceRepresents the area where the Indicator is placed.
IndicatorAreaAddedEventArgsClassProvides data for the indicator area adding event.
IndicatorAreaEventArgsClassThe arguments for the indicator area event.
IndicatorAreaRemovedEventArgsClassProvides data for the indicator area removing event.
IndicatorAttributeClassIndicator Attribute. Applies metadata to enable the indicator plot.
IndicatorDataSeriesInterfaceRepresents a mutable array of values. An extension of DataSeries used to represent indicator values.
KeyEnumSpecifies the possible key values on a keyboard.
LevelsAttributeClassLevels Attribute. Applies metadata to enable the plot of level lines.
LineClassRepresents the line shape.
LineStackingStrategyEnumDescribes a mechanism by which a line box is determined for each line.
LineStyleEnumAn enumeration of different stroke styles used to render lines.
MarketDepthInterfaceAccess to MarketDepth Ask Entries, Bid Entries and the event at which the market depth gets updated
MarketDepthEntryInterfaceProvides access to market depth prices and volumes
ModifierKeysEnumSpecifies the set of modifier keys.
MovingAverageTypeEnumAn enumeration of the different MovingAverage weighting (smoothing) methods.
OrientationEnumDefines the different orientations that panel layout can have.
OutputAttributeClassSealed Class OutputAttribute
PanelClassProvides a base class for all Panel elements. Use Panel elements to position and arrange child objects.
ParameterAttributeClassThe Parameter Attribute class.
PendingOrderInterfaceProvides access to properties of pending orders
PendingOrderCancellationReasonEnumThe reason for the order cancellation.
PendingOrderCancelledEventArgsClassProvides data for the pending order cancellation event.
PendingOrderCreatedEventArgsClassProvides data for the pending order creation events.
PendingOrderFilledEventArgsClassProvides data for the pending order fill event.
PendingOrderModifiedEventArgsClassProvides data for the pending order modification event.
PendingOrdersInterfaceProvides access to methods of the Pending Orders collection
PendingOrderTypeEnumRepresents the type (Limit or Stop) of pending order.
PenLineCapEnumDescribes the shape at the end of a line or segment.
PenLineJoinEnumDescribes the shape that joins two lines or segments.
PlotTypeEnumThe Plot type.
PointClassRepresents an x- and y-coordinate pair in two-dimensional space.
PolygonClassDraws a polygon, which is a connected series of lines that form a closed shape.
PolylineClassDraws a series of connected straight lines.
PositionInterfaceTaking or opening a position means buying or selling a trading pair.
PositionClosedEventArgsClassProvides data for the position closing event.
PositionCloseReasonEnumThe reason for closing the position.
PositionModifiedEventArgsClassProvides data for the position modification event.
PositionOpenedEventArgsClassProvides data for the position opening event.
PositionsInterfaceProvides access to methods of the positions collection.
RadioButtonClassReporesents the Radiobutton chart control type.
RadioButtonEventArgsClassRepresents the radio button actions.
RectangleClassRepresents the rectangle.
RobotClassBase class for all cBots.
RobotAttributeClassSealed class RobotAttribute.
RoundingModeEnumThe rounding mode for normalizing trade volume.
RunningModeEnumDefines if a cBot is running in real time, in the silent backtesting mode, in the visual backtesting mode, or in the optimization mode.
ScrollBarVisibilityEnumSpecifies the visibility of a ScrollBar for scrollable content.
ScrollViewerClassRepresents a scrollable area that can contain other visible elements.
ShapeClassProvides the base class for shape elements, such as Ellipse, Polygon, and Rectangle.
StackPanelClassArranges the child element into a single line that can be oriented horizontally or vertically.
StopTriggerMethodEnumThe trigger side for the Stop Orders.
StretchEnumDescribes how content is resized to fill its allocated space.
StretchDirectionEnumDescribes how scaling applies to content and restricts scaling to named axis types.
StyleClassRepresents the style of a chart control.
SymbolInfoInterfaceRepresents the Symbol interface.
SymbolsInterfaceRepresents the list of all the symbols with the symbol names as string values.
SymbolTickEventArgsClassProvides data for the symbol tick event.
TextAlignmentEnumThe text alignment regarding the anchor point.
TextBlockClassRepresents the Text Block - the control to display a non-interactive text.
TextBoxClassRepresents the text box class.
TextChangedEventArgsClassProvides data for the TextChanged event.
TextTrimmingEnumDescribes how text is trimmed when it overflows the edge of its containing box.
TextWrappingEnumSpecifies whether text wraps when it reaches the edge of the containing box.
ThicknessStructDefines the thickness of the frame around the rectangle.
TickStructRepresents the Tick object.
TicksInterfaceRepresents the Ticks interface - the collection of Tick objects.
TicksHistoryLoadedEventArgsClassProvides data for the tick history loaded event.
TicksTickEventArgsClassProvides data for the tick event.
TimeFrameClassContains supported timeframe values.
TimerInterfaceSchedules execution of virtual OnTimer method with specified interval.
TimeSeriesInterfaceA series of values that represent time like MarketSeries.OpenTime
TimeZonesClassStandard TimeZones class.
ToggleButtonClassRepresents the Toggle button.
ToggleButtonEventArgsClassRepresents the toggle button event class.
TradeOperationClassProvides access to the properties describing an asynchronous trade operation.
TradeResultClassThe result of a trade operation.
TradeTypeEnumThe direction of a trade order.
UserTimeOffsetChangedEventArgsClassRepresents the user time offset change event data.
VerticalAlignmentEnumDescribes vertical position related to an anchor point or a parent element.
WatchlistInterfaceRepresents the Watchlist interface.
WatchlistAddedEventArgsClassOccures when a new watchlist is added.
WatchlistRemovedEventArgsClassOccurs when a watchlist is removed from the marketwatch.
WatchlistRenamedEventArgsClassOccurs when the watchlist is renamed.
WatchlistsInterfaceRepresents the Watchlists interface - allows getting all the watchlists and symbols in them, and receiving the relevant events.
WatchlistSymbolAddedEventArgsClassOccurs when a new symbol is added to the watchlist.
WatchlistSymbolRemovedEventArgsClassOccurs when the symbol is removed from the watchlist.
WrapPanelClassPositions the child elements in sequential position from left to right, breaking content to the next line at the end of the containing box, from top to bottom, or from right to left.