All classes in cAlgo.API

AccessRightsEnumcBots and indicators access rights
ColorsEnumA predefined color palette. Use these colors in indicators and other chart objects. Same as System.Drawing.Color.
DataSeriesInterfaceRepresents a read only list of values, typically used to represent market price series. The values are accessed with an array-like [] operator.
ErrorInterfaceEncapsulates an error code.
ErrorCodeEnumEnumeration of standard error codes.
FunctionsClassThis class contains valuable functions that apply to DataSeries.
HistoricalTradeInterfaceRepresents historical trade
HistoryInterfaceProvides access to methods of the historical trades collection
HorizontalAlignmentEnumHorizontal positioning of a chart object
IndicatorClassBase class for Indicators.
IndicatorAttributeClassIndicator Attribute. Applies metadata to enable the indicator plot.
IndicatorDataSeriesInterfaceRepresents a mutable array of values. An extension of DataSeries used to represent indicator values.
LevelsAttributeClassLevels Attribute. Applies metadata to enable the plot of level lines.
LineStyleEnumAn enumeration of different stroke styles used to render lines.
MarketDepthInterfaceAccess to MarketDepth Ask Entries, Bid Entries and the event at which the market depth gets updated
MarketDepthEntryInterfaceProvides access to market depth prices and volumes
MovingAverageTypeEnumAn enumeration of the different MovingAverage weighting (smoothing) methods.
OutputAttributeClassSealed Class OutputAttribute
ParameterAttributeClassClass ParameterAttribute
PendingOrderInterfaceProvides access to properties of pending orders
PendingOrderCancellationReasonEnumReason for order cancellation
PendingOrderCancelledEventArgsClassArgument for pending order cancellation event
PendingOrderCreatedEventArgsClassArguments for pending order creation event
PendingOrderFilledEventArgsClassArguments for pending order fill event
PendingOrderModifiedEventArgsClassArguments for position
PendingOrdersInterfaceProvides access to methods of the Pending Orders collection
PendingOrderTypeEnumRepresents the type (Limit or Stop) of pending order.
PlotTypeEnumPlot type.
PositionInterfaceTaking or opening a position means buying or selling a currency pair.
PositionClosedEventArgsClassThe arguments of the subscribed event raised when the position closes
PositionCloseReasonEnumReason for position closing
PositionOpenedEventArgsClassThe arguments of the subscribed event raised when the position opens
PositionsInterfaceProvides access to methods of the positions collection
RobotClassBase class for all cBots.
RobotAttributeClassSealed Class RobotAttribute.
RoundingModeEnumRounding mode for normalizing trade volume
StaticPositionEnumAn Enumeration of the chart window positions
StopTriggerMethodEnumTrigger side for Stop Orders
TimeFrameClassContains supported timeframe values from Minute 1 to Monthly.
TimerInterfaceSchedules execution of virtual OnTimer method with specified interval.
TimeSeriesInterfaceA series of values that represent time like MarketSeries.OpenTime
TimeZonesClassStandard TimeZones Class
TradeOperationClassProvides access to properties describing an asynchronous trade operation.
TradeResultClassThe result of a trade operation
TradeTypeEnumDirection of a trade order
VerticalAlignmentEnumEnumeration of vertical positioning