Represents the Bars interface - the collection of Bar objects.


public interface Bars : IEnumerable


BarOpened EventOccurs when the last bar is closed and a new bar is opened.
ClosePrices PropertyGets the Close price bars data.
Count PropertyGets the number of bars.
HighPrices PropertyGets the High price bars data.
HistoryLoaded EventOccurs when more history is loaded due to chart scroll on the left or due to API call.
Last MethodGets the bar from the end of the collection.
LastBar PropertyGets the last bar in the chart.
LoadMoreHistory MethodLoads more historical bars. Method returns the number of loaded bars that were added to the beginning of the collection.
LoadMoreHistoryAsync MethodLoads more historical bars asynchronously.
LowPrices PropertyGets the Low price bars data.
MedianPrices PropertyGets the Median prices data.
OpenPrices PropertyGets the Open price bars data.
OpenTimes PropertyGets the open bar time data.
Reloaded EventOccurs when bars are refreshed due to reconnect.
SymbolName PropertyGets the symbol name.
this[int index] Property
Tick EventOccurs when a new Tick arrives.
TickVolumes PropertyGets the Tick volumes data.
TimeFrame PropertyGet the timeframe.
TypicalPrices PropertyGets the Typical prices data.
WeightedPrices PropertyGets the Weighted prices data.