Represents the Chart Interface.


public interface Chart : ChartArea


BarsTotal PropertyGets the total number of the bars on the chart.
ChartType PropertyGets or sets the type of the chart - Bar, Candlesticks, Line or Dots chart.
ChartTypeChanged EventOccurs when the chart type changes.
ColorsChanged EventOccurs when the chart color settings change.
ColorSettings PropertyGets the chart color settings.
DisplaySettings PropertyGets the chart display settings.
DisplaySettingsChanged EventOccurs when one or several charts display settings change.
FirstVisibleBarIndex PropertyGets the index of the first visible bar on the chart.
IndicatorAreaAdded EventOccurs when the indicator area is added.
IndicatorAreaRemoved EventOccurs when the indicator area is removed.
IndicatorAreas PropertyGets the read only list of the indicator areas.
IsScrollingEnabled PropertyGets or sets the value indicating whether the scrolling is enabled or disabled for the chart. If disabled, then the chart is not affected by scrolling, dragging, scaling, or pressing any keyboard keys, but is still affected by resizing, zooming, and API calls for changing X or Y-axis positions on the chart.
LastVisibleBarIndex PropertyGets the index of the last visible bar on the chart.
MarketSeries PropertyGets the the chart market data such as Open, High, Low, Close, Median, Typical, and WeightedClose price series, as well as OpenTime for the symbol, SymbolCode, TickVolume, and TimeFrame.
MaxVisibleBars PropertyGets the maximum number of the visible bars on the chart.
ScrollXBy MethodScrolls the chart by the X-axis for the specified number of bars.
ScrollXTo MethodScrolls the chart by the X-axis to the bar with the specified index.
Symbol PropertyGets the chart symbol.
SymbolName PropertyGets the symbol name.
TimeFrame PropertyGets the time frame of the chart from 1 minute to 1 month.
TryChangeTimeFrame MethodChanges the time frame on the chart.
TryChangeTimeFrameAndSymbol MethodChanges the time frame and the symbol on the chart.
Zoom PropertyGets or sets the zoom option from 0 to 5.
ZoomChanged EventOccurs when the chart zoom options change.