The Chart Area Interface.


public interface ChartArea


BottomY PropertyGets the lowest visible Y-axis value.
Drag EventOccurs when dragging a chart area.
DragEnd EventOccurs when mouse button is released while dragging a chart area or a chart area loses mouse capture.
DragStart EventOccurs when MouseDown event is happening on a chart area and a mouse is captured for dragging.
DrawAndrewsPitchfork MethodDraws an Andrew's pitchfork.
DrawEllipse MethodDraws an ellipse.
DrawEquidistantChannel MethodDraws an equidistant channel.
DrawFibonacciExpansion MethodDraws a Fibonacci expansion.
DrawFibonacciFan MethodDraws a Fibonacci fan.
DrawFibonacciRetracement MethodDraws a Fibonacci retracement.
DrawHorizontalLine MethodDraws a horizontal line.
DrawIcon MethodDraws an icon.
DrawRectangle MethodDraws a rectangle.
DrawStaticText MethodDraws the static text.
DrawText MethodDraws the text.
DrawTrendLine MethodDraws a trend line.
DrawTriangle MethodDraws a triangle.
DrawVerticalLine MethodDraws a vertical line.
FindAllObjects MethodFinds all the chart objects of the specified type.
FindObject MethodFinds the chart object of the specified name.
Height PropertyGets the hight of the chart area.
IsAlive PropertyChecks whether the instance is still on the chart.
MouseDown EventOccurs when the left mouse button is pressed down.
MouseEnter EventOccurs when the cursor hover over the chart area.
MouseLeave EventOccurs when the cursor leaves the chart area
MouseMove EventOccurs when the cursor moves over the chart area.
MouseUp EventOccurs when the left mouse button is released.
MouseWheel EventOccurs when the mouse wheel button is rotated.
ObjectAdded EventOccurs when a chart object is added to the chart area.
ObjectHoverChanged EventOccurs when the cursor hovers over or leaves the object.
ObjectRemoved EventOccurs when a chart object is removed from the chart area.
Objects PropertyGets the chart objects collection.
ObjectSelectionChanged EventOccurs when a chart object is selected or deselected.
ObjectUpdated EventOccurs when a chart object is updated - one or several properties of the chart object have changed.
RemoveAllObjects MethodRemoves all interactive and non-interactive objects available for the cBot or Indicator.
RemoveObject MethodRemoves the chart object of the specified name.
ScrollChanged EventOccurs when the X-axis position value or the Y-axis position value changes while scrolling.
SetYRange MethodSets the Y-axis lowest and highest values range. Allows scrolling the chart by the Y-axis. If only one of the values is set, then the chart will be expanded regarding the lowest or highest value respectively.
SizeChanged EventOccurs when the chart area size has changed.
TopY PropertyGets the highest visible Y-axis value.
Width PropertyGets the width of the chart area.