Represents historical trade


public interface HistoricalTrade


Balance PropertyAccount balance after the Deal was filled
ClosingDealId PropertyUnique deal identifier
ClosingPrice PropertyThe execution price of the Closing Deal
ClosingTime PropertyTime of the Closing Deal
Comment PropertyThe comment
Commissions PropertyCommission owed
EntryPrice PropertyThe VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) of the Opening Deals that are closed
EntryTime PropertyTime of the Opening Deal, or the time of the first Opening deal that was closed
GrossProfit PropertyProfit and loss before swaps and commission
Label PropertyThe label
NetProfit PropertyProfit and loss including swaps and commissions
Pips PropertyRepresents the winning or loosing pips
PositionId PropertyThe position's unique identifier.
Quantity PropertyThe Quantity (in lots) that was closed by the Closing Deal
Swap PropertySwap is the overnight interest rate if any, accrued on the position.
SymbolCode PropertySymbol code of the Historical Trade.
TradeType PropertyThe TradeType of the Opening Deal
VolumeInUnits PropertyThe Volume that was closed by the Closing Deal