All classes in cAlgo.API.Indicators

AcceleratorOscillatorInterfaceIdentifies possible trend reversals
AccumulativeSwingIndexInterfaceA variation on Wilder's swing index which plots an accumulation of the swing index value of each candlestick or bar.
AroonInterfaceAn indicator for identifying trends in a currency pair, as well as for gauging the probability of a trend reversal.
AverageTrueRangeInterfaceAverage true range. An indicator providing the degree of price volatility.
AwesomeOscillatorInterfaceDisplays market momentum as a histogram
BollingerBandsInterfaceBollinger Bands are used to confirm signals. The bands indicate overbought and oversold levels relative to a moving average.
ChaikinMoneyFlowInterfaceChaikin Money Flow measures the amount of Money Flow Volume over a specific period. The resulting indicator fluctuates above/below the zero line.
ChaikinVolatilityInterfaceCalculates a Chaikin Volatility Indicator
CommodityChannelIndexInterfaceCalculates a Commodity Channel Index
DetrendedPriceOscillatorInterfaceCalculates the Detrended Price Oscillator Indicator
DirectionalMovementSystemInterfaceWelles Wilder's Directional Movement Indicator calculation
DonchianChannelInterfaceThe Donchian channel is a volatility indicator forming a channel between the highest high and the lowest low of the chosen period.
EaseOfMovementInterfaceEase of Movement is a volume based oscillator that measures the "ease" of price movement.
ExponentialMovingAverageInterfaceThe exponential moving average of the price data source over a period of time.
FractalChaosBandsInterfaceThe Fractal Chaos Bands indicator attempts to determine whether or not the market is trending.
HighMinusLowInterfaceDifference between MarketSeries.High and MarketSeries.Low calculation for each index
HistoricalVolatilityInterfaceThe measured price fluctuation over a specified time period.
IchimokuKinkoHyoInterfaceIchimoku Kinko Hyo Indicator.
KeltnerChannelsInterfaceKeltner Channels are volatility-based envelopes set above and below an exponential moving average
LinearRegressionForecastInterfaceLinear Regression Forecast is one of the indicators calculated by the Linear Regression approach.
LinearRegressionInterceptInterfaceLinear Regression Intercept is one of the indicators calculated by the Linear Regression approach.
LinearRegressionRSquaredInterfaceLinear Regression R Squared is used to confirm the strength of the market trend
LinearRegressionSlopeInterfaceThe calculation of Linear Regression Slope Indicator
MacdCrossOverInterfaceCalculates a MACD (moving average convergence/divergence) Indicator
MacdHistogramInterfaceThe calculation of the MACD Histogram
MassIndexInterfaceThe calculation of Mass Index Indicator
MedianPriceInterfaceA Median Price is an average of one period’s high and low values.
MomentumOscillatorInterfaceThe calculation of a momentum oscillator
MoneyFlowIndexInterfaceThe Money Flow Index is an oscillator that calculates buying and selling pressure using typical price and volume. It oscillates between zero and one hundred. It is typically used to identify trend reversals and price extremes.
MovingAverageInterfaceMoving Average Indicator calculation
NegativeVolumeIndexInterfaceDysart's Negative Volume Index assumes that the smart money is active on days when volume decreases and the not-so-smart money is active on days when volume increases (measured by the Positive Volume Index).
OnBalanceVolumeInterfaceOn Balance Volume measures buying and selling pressure as a cumulative indicator that adds volume on up days and subtracts volume on down days.
ParabolicSARInterfaceThe calculation of Parabolic SAR Indicator
PositiveVolumeIndexInterfaceThe positive volume index measures the trend of the stock prices for days when volume increases from previous day's volume.
PriceOscillatorInterfaceThe Price Oscillator calculates the spread between a short-period moving average and a long-period moving average.
PriceROCInterfaceThe Price ROC calculates the percentage change between the most recent price and the n-periods of past price.
PriceVolumeTrendInterfacePrice and Volume Trend is a variation of On Balance Volume, used to determine the strength of trends and warn of reversals.
RainbowOscillatorInterfaceDeveloped by Mel Widner, Rainbow Oscillator is based on multiple moving averages and helps to identify trends and provides overbought/oversold levels.
RelativeStrengthIndexInterfaceThe RSI (Wilder) is momentum oscillator, measuring the velocity and magnitude of directional price movements.
SimpleMovingAverageInterfaceThe simple moving average is an average of price within n previous periods.
StandardDeviationInterfaceStandard Deviation measures the market volatility with a commonly used statisctical function.
StochasticOscillatorInterfaceThe Stochastic Oscillator is a momentum indicator that aims to show price reversals by comparing the closing price to the price range.
SwingIndexInterfaceDeveloped by Welles Wilder, the Swing Index compares current Open, high, Low and Close prices to find of current and previous periods to find "real" price.
TimeSeriesMovingAverageInterfaceA Time Series Moving Average is moving average based on linear regression forecast.
TradeVolumeIndexInterfaceTrade Volume Index measures the amount of money flowing in and out of an asset.
TriangularMovingAverageInterfaceThe Triangular Moving Average is a moving average that gives more weith to values located in the middle of aggregated period.
TrixInterfaceTRIX was developed by Jack Huton. It is a momentum oscillator that will help you filter unimportant price movement.
TrueRangeInterfaceThe Average True Range is a measure of market volatility developed by Wilder.
TypicalPriceInterfaceA Typical Price is an average of high, low and close values for a single period.
UltimateOscillatorInterfaceThe Ultimate Oscillator is a technical analysis oscillator based on a notion of buying or selling "pressure".
VerticalHorizontalFilterInterfaceVertical Horizontal Filter determines whether a price is going through a congestion phase or a trending phase.
VidyaInterfaceVolatility Index Dynamic Average (VIDYA) is a smoothing (moving average) based on dynamically changing periods.
VolumeOscillatorInterfaceThe Volume Oscillator identifies trends in volume using a two moving average system. A strong trend is signaled when it is positive. Falling volume indicates trend weakness.
VolumeROCInterfaceThe Volume Rate of Change indicator measures the Rate Of Change of the tick volume.
WeightedCloseInterfaceWeighted Close is an average of high, low and close prices where close has greater weight.
WeightedMovingAverageInterfaceThe Weighted Moving Average is a moving average that gives more weith to the latest values.
WellesWilderSmoothingInterfaceThe Welles Wilder's Smoothing indicator is an exponential moving average, but it has different alpha ration. As a result it responds to price changes slower.
WilliamsAccumulationDistributionInterfaceWilliam's Accumulation Distribution is an oscillator that can identify if the market is driven by buyers (accumulation) or by sellers (distribution)
WilliamsPctRInterfaceWilliams %R is an effective momentum oscillator and was described by Larry Williams for the first time in 1973.