All classes in cAlgo.API.Internals

AccountTypeEnumReturns current account type
AlgoClassThe container class for the main cAlgo.API Interfaces
IAccountInterfaceContains the current account information.
IIndicatorInterfaceBase interface for all Indicators
IIndicatorsAccessorInterfaceAccessor to Indicators
INotificationsInterfaceIt is an interface that represents all Notifications.
IServerInterfaceServer related information.
LeverageTierInterfaceTier of dynamic leverage.
MarketDataInterfaceProvides access to Depth of Market Data
MarketHoursInterfaceAccess to symbol's trading sessions schedule
MarketSeriesInterfaceProvides access to the market data such as the DataSeries Open, High, Low, Close.
SymbolInterfaceRepresents a currency pair
TradingSessionInterfaceTrading session schedule