The container class for the main cAlgo.API Interfaces


public class Algo : Object


Algo Method
BeginInvokeOnMainThread MethodInvokes asynchronously the specified code on the main cBot or Indicator thread.
Chart PropertyRepresents the chart where cBot or Indicator is launched.
CreateDataSeries MethodInitialization of an IndicatorDataSeries.
History PropertyRepresents the collection of all historical trades of the account.
Indicators PropertyAccess to built-in Indicators.
IsBacktesting PropertyTrue if the robot is in Backtesting mode, false otherwise
MarketData PropertyProvides access to Depth of Market Data
MarketSeries PropertyMarket series of the current symbol and time frame.
Notifications PropertyRepresents notifications such as sounds and email
OnTimer MethodCalled when the timer interval has elapsed.
PendingOrders PropertyArray of all Pending Orders of the account
Positions PropertyCollection of all open positions of the account
Print MethodPrints a message to the Log
RefreshData MethodUpdates MarketSeries, Positions, PendingOrders, History, etc.
RunningMode Property
Server PropertyServer related information.
Symbol PropertyRepresents the current symbol provides access to its properties and certain methods
Time PropertyReturns the current server time. The shortcut to the Server.Time property.
TimeFrame PropertyAccess to TimeFrame values
Timer PropertyAccess to the Timer object.
TimeZone PropertyTimeZone of cBot or Indicator