Contains the current account information.


public interface IAccount


AccountType PropertyReturns the current account type.
Balance PropertyReturns the balance of the current account.
BrokerName PropertyReturns the broker name of the current account.
Currency PropertyReturns the currency of the current account, e.g. "EUR".
Equity PropertyRepresents the equity of the current account (balance minus Unrealized Net Loss plus Unrealized Net Profit plus Bonus).
FreeMargin PropertyRepresents the free margin of the current account.
IsLive PropertyDefines if the account is Live or Demo. True if the Account is Live, False if it is a Demo.
Margin PropertyRepresents the margin of the current account.
MarginLevel PropertyRepresents the margin level of the current account.
Margin level (in %) is calculated using this formula:
Equity / Margin * 100
Number PropertyReturns the number of the current account, e.g. 123456.
PreciseLeverage PropertyGets the precise account leverage value.
StopOutLevel PropertyStop Out level is a lowest allowed Margin Level for account. If Margin Level is less than Stop Out, position will be closed sequentially until Margin Level is greater than Stop Out.
UnrealizedGrossProfit PropertyGets the Unrealized Gross profit value.
UnrealizedNetProfit PropertyGets the Unrealized Gross profit value.

Example 1

// Account Properties
// Current Account Balance 
double balance = Account.Balance;   
// Current Account Currency e.g. EUR
string currency = Account.Currency; 
// Current Account Equity 
double equity = Account.Equity;     
// Current Account Free Margin   
double freemargin = Account.FreeMargin; 
// Current Account Margin
double margin = Account.Margin;
//Margin level = Equity / Margin * 100
double? marginlevel = Account.MarginLevel;