Represents a currency pair


public interface Symbol : SymbolInfo


Ask PropertyThe current ask price for this symbol.
Bid PropertyThe current bid price for this symbol.
Digits PropertyThe number of digits for the symbol.
DynamicLeverage PropertyDynamic leverage tiers for symbol.
LotSize PropertySize of 1 lot in units of the base currency.
MarketHours PropertyAccess to the symbol's trading sessions schedule.
NormalizeVolumeInUnits MethodRound the volume to the amount suitable for a trade.
PipSize PropertyPip size for current symbol.
PipValue PropertyThe monetary value of one pip.
QuantityToVolumeInUnits MethodConvert Quantity (in lots) to Volume in units of base currency.
Spread PropertyThe current spread of this symbol.
Tick Event
TickSize PropertyTick size for the current symbol.
TickValue PropertyThe monetary value of one tick.
UnrealizedGrossProfit PropertySum of the unrealized Gross profits of the positions of this Symbol
UnrealizedNetProfit PropertySum of the unrealized Net profits of the positions of this Symbol.
VolumeInUnitsMax PropertyThe maximum tradable amount.
VolumeInUnitsMin PropertyThe minimum tradable amount.
VolumeInUnitsStep PropertyThe minimum trade amount increment.
VolumeInUnitsToQuantity MethodConvert Volume in units of base currency to Quantity (in lots).

Example 1

double bid = Symbol.Bid;
double ask = Symbol.Ask;
string code = Symbol.Code;
int digits = Symbol.Digits;
double pipSize = Symbol.PipSize;
double pointSize = Symbol.PointSize;
double spread = Symbol.Spread;