If you are looking for a professional to code your indicator or cbot, the service providers below can deliver clean, robust solutions for cAlgo and cTrader. You can visit their websites or contact them directly from this page to ask for their services.

ClickAlgo is a UK-based company specializing in the cTrader and cAlgo trading platform to provide custom-built automated trading strategies, indicators and 3rd party applications for out-of-the-box trading. We provide high-quality services for robust and easy-to-maintain trading algorithms. We also offer training and coaching for those who wish to learn analysis, design and software development in C#, enabling you to create your own strategies, custom indicators, and, for the more adventurous, Windows or web applications with Spotware Connect.

Emet-Trading-Solutions is a professional team of highly trained and experienced programmers focused on automated trading strategy coding. The services are mostly for Traders and for Analysts selling their own trading strategies. Emet-Trading-Solutions turn customers' trading concepts into workable fully automated strategies and custom indicators with a personalized dedication to each and every customer.

cTrader GURU
cTrader GURU is the first Italian reference (we also speak English) for cTrader, we are a team of professional developers and traders who create indicators, cbot, strategies and tools very powerful and easy to use completely free, we offer advice to brokers and customers who need to create custom software, we convert any type of file to any platform in .algo

ForexCove is an independent vendor of Forex robots, algos and semi and/or fully-automated trading systems. Our robots are developed for the market’s most modern platform, cTrader by Spotware. We strive to simplify Forex trading for private investors. We do so by researching, developing and providing premium Robots, hereunder semi and fully-automated trading solutions, which increase the odds of profitability for our clients

Anka Software
Anka Software, based in Bangalore India, offers consulting and development services in algo trading domain. With our extensive domain knowledge and processes your requirements will be understood with minimum questions from our side along with value add suggestions and inputs. Our services include development of new cAlgo robots as well migrations from other platforms.

Contact us at to be added to the list of service providers.