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cTrader Platform Updates
Find out what's new in cTrader, review its new features and latest updates.

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cTrader News & Announcements
Stay up to date with cTrader corporate news and product announcements.

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cTrader in the Media
Read articles and interviews about cTrader published in the popular forex sources.

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Partners Posts
Read the posts published by experts in algorithmic trading.

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cTrader Trading Academy by ClickAlgo
11 Nov 2019, 16:14
Feature requests
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Submit what you would like to see added or changed in cTrader platform.

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NECESSIRY by moelmansy976
17 Nov 2019, 19:36
Trading Support
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cTrader Desktop
Get support for cTrader Desktop.

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cTrader Web
Get support for cTrader Web.

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cTrader Mobile
Get support for cTrader Mobile.

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cTrader Copy
Get support for cTrader Copy.

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cTrader Automate
Get support for cTrader Automate.

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Get support for cMirror.

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Get support for FIX API.

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Open API
Get support for Open API.

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cTrader Automate API Help
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Indicators API Help
Get API support for developing indicators in cTrader Automate.

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cBots API Help
Get API support for developing cBots in cTrader Automate.

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Reference Samples
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cTrader Automate Reference Samples
Get official cTrader Automate reference code samples.

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Lines Trader by Spotware
24 Jul 2018, 16:32