cTrader for Windows Updates - February 2016

Created at 20 Feb 2016, 00:00
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cTrader for Windows Updates - February 2016
20 Feb 2016, 00:00

New updates have been released for cTrader for Windows. These are the following

Live sentiment

The live sentiment is a bar located in charts and the MarketWatch. It displays long versus short positions of other traders using cTrader. Use this tool to identify the percentage of traders which are currently short and long before making your decision to enter the market.


cTrader has integrated with Trading Central to offer target points for selected symbols. Targets are shown as a green line in the chart. Hover over a Target to learn more and execute the trade. Please contact your broker to find out about availability.

Aggregated Positions View

You can now choose to see your positions in aggregated mode by using a drop down box in the "Positions" tab in the TradeWatch. Aggregated positions can be expanded, collapsed or closed.

Volume Selection Tooltip

cTrader's volume selection tooltip helps you select the appropriate volume for your order by displaying the pip value, margin required, amount risked and more. The tooltip is available when hovering over any volume selector.

Font Size Setting

The font size of the application can be configured using a slider. Please note that the application's elements will adapt to the new font size by scaling up or down.

New Color Scheme

cTrader's colour scheme has been simplified. Everything related to Buying (Order buttons, Ask price, Trendbars going up) is green, and everything related to Selling, is orange.

Balance Line Visibility

cTrader's balance line is now always visible. Clicking on the balance line cycles between two different layouts.

Done Orders

You can find all a history of all the orders you've sent to the server. Open the the "History" tab and click at "Done Orders" button.


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