FIX API Rules of Engagement have been updated

05 Sep 2017, 09:30FIX API Rules of Engagement have been updated#1
cTrader Teamposts: 3395since: 23 Sep 2013

We have released a new version (2.13.4) of the FIX API Rules of Engagement. You can find the latest FIX API Rules of Engagement here

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31 Oct 2017, 13:43not working algo published which was working before#2
john123321posts: 5since: 30 Oct 2017


please fix this algo /algos/cbots/show/257

in the above link the c algo published news trading with trailing stop loss is not working can you look into it

we want it to be fixed soon.please

01 Nov 2017, 10:37#3
Panagiotis Charalampousposts: 3188since: 13 Jan 2017

Hi john123321,

These algos have been developed by the community and not by Spotware. It would be better to contact the developer of the cBot directly.

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Head of Community Management at cTrader