cTrader 3.0 has been released on Spotware cTrader Beta

30 May 2018, 07:12cTrader 3.0 has been released on Spotware cTrader Beta#41
camilojavier212posts: 2since: 30 May 2018

Hello Spotware.  Congratulations on the new version.  The account analysis interface seems great to me.  However I find it somewhat annoying not being able to accommodate the toolbox somewhere to save some more space.  For example under the analysis and graphic menu on the left of the screen.

20 Jun 2018, 10:38#42
Marin0ssposts: 12since: 07 Jun 2014


Indeed, congrats to latest update; one question though, as asked before, why is 70 tick chart option missing? Has this been done on purpose? If so, what is the idea behind this?

I don't understand why all other multplies of 10 ticks are available and 70 is not??!!?

Thanks in advance for your reply!