Looking for Translation Reviewers

Looking for Translation Reviewers

Dear Traders,

As a part of our effort towards constant improvement of our products, we are looking into engaging our community in the process of improving the quality of the multilingual aspect of cTrader platform. Hence, we are looking for community translation reviewers that will provide feedback regarding the quality of the translated cTrader applications.

Review Process

Participants of the review and feedback process will be provided with current translations from English to their native language and will be requested to provide feedback about the quality of translations as well as improvement recommendations. All participants that will provide valuable feedback to Spotware will be compensated proportionately.

Reviewer Requirements

Candidate reviewers should fulfill the following requirements


We are looking for more than one reviewers for the following languages.


Non-monetary compensation will be given to all participants that will provide useful feedback to Spotware. It remains a discretional right of Spotware to deny compensation in case of feedback not meeting the company’s standards. The level of compensation will differ based on the required effort of each task and will participants will be identified on an individual basis.

How to participate

If you want to participate in the translation review process, just send us an email at community@spotware.com , letting us know which language you would like to review and explaining us why you can become a translation reviewer.