cTrader 3.0 Web Released

Created at 30 Jul 2018, 15:26
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cTrader 3.0 Web Released
30 Jul 2018, 15:26

Dear Traders,

We would like to inform you that cTrader Web Beta has been updated to version 3.0. With an aim to introduce all-in-one experience, the new update brings together everything you need for successful trading.


Your Benefits:

  • Quickly grasp the current market situation with more information.

  • Take the actions right away when opportunity strikes with fast controls.

  • Take much more weightened trading decisions with performance analytics.

  • Take advantage of new features, such us open positions counter and linked charts.

  • Enjoy more usability, simplicity and flexibility with all controls, navigation, and applications in one place.

Key Features

Improved Navigation with Side Menu

Take fast actions, modify settings, trade and analyze your performance just in a click using the side menu. It contains full screen mode, theme switching, sounds and language selection controls. The side menu has also embedded a symbol finder and watchlists in Trade application. This way, you have all the navigation organized in one place, making it much easier and simpler for you to use. For even greater convenience, the side menu can be collapsed to a hidden menu if desired.

Full Symbol Information in an Active Symbol Panel

Active Symbol Panels is a new panel which provides a full market overview on a particular symbol at a glance leveraging your trading experience. Active Symbol Panel contains Market Sentiment, Market Details, Trade Statistics, Market Hours, related Links, Inverted Rate, Leverage, as well as Depth of Market. In addition, you can take fast actions right from the Active Symbol Panel: open new charts, create new orders and change symbols. Active Symbol Panel is configurable, and can be enabled to switch symbol from it in Watchlists and Tradewatch at the same time. The extended information per symbol and fast action tools equip you with greater trading possibilities.

Open Positions Counter

A highly demanded and very useful feature, the open positions counter, has been added to the watchlist, showing you how many opened positions you have per traded symbol.

Trading Performance Analytics
Analyze your trading performance using Analyze application, available from the menu. It is a new analytical tool which contains key trading performance information, such as Performance Summary, Equity chart, Performance chart, Statistics on Performance, Volume, and Trading. It allows to quickly understand the current state of trading activities as well as analyze performance from different perspectives and time ranges, allowing you to take wiser decisions.

All Settings Together in a Settings Panel
Now all cTrader settings have been brought together into a new Settings panel, available from the menu, and split into appropriate sections. The Settings panel is a single point to configure your cTrader preferences.

Linked Charts

Another highly demanded feature that is now available in cTrader is linked charts. By using colors, you can link a symbol to several charts allowing you to switch between symbols while retaining specific chart settings like timeframes, chart type, indicators, drawings, and others. In other words, you don’t need to configure a chart all over again for every newly selected symbol. What’s more, you can create multiple group of charts for even more convenience.

Manage Sessions on All Devices
Since cTrader is a multi-device application, a possibility to manage sessions on different platforms and devices has been added in order to enhance privacy and security of the trading activities.

Trade Value
Trade Value, that shows how much selected volume is worth in deposit currency, has been added for more convenience.

Improved Visual Design and Application Layout
cTrader has improved visual design of interface elements, controls and application layout to provide more vivid trading experience.

New Layout Modes
New cTrader application layouts have been introduced, such as Show Active Symbol Panel and Show Tradewatch. Layout options are available in the menu bar and Settings panel.

New Languages
Now cTrader is available in Slovak, Malaysian and Indonesian languages.

To view and try the new cTrader Web 3.0 Beta version, please visit https://ct.spotware.com.



03 Aug 2018, 09:01

So slow

The new version is so slow to load up charts, 2 clicks to go to full screen instead of one, silly side bar. Not happy


03 Aug 2018, 14:22

With the Version 3.0 Beta, setting a Default template does NOT work for subsequent charts.

On the previous version, when I clicked on a trade in the 'Trade Watch' area (say USDJPY), the already open chart for that trade would become the focus of the screen. (even if I'm on another chart at the time (say EURUSD)).

With this version, if I'm on a chart (EURUSD) and click on a trade in Trade Watch (USDJPY), then THAT chart for EURUSD changes to the trade I just clicked USDJPY. Even if there is already a chart open for the USDJPY symbol. Therefore I then lose a chart for one symbol (EURUSD) and gain an extra chart for a symbol (USDJPY) I already have an open chart for.





BTW, as an aside, on the CURRENT verion of cTrader Web setting a chart time (eg 1 minute) when creating a template does not carry through to subsequent chart openings.


03 Aug 2018, 14:35

Also, I've just noticed when looking at currency pairs the following.

In the CURRENT version of cTrader the EURUSD pair for a 1 lot trade, there is NO commission required.

In the version 3.0 Beta, when I hover the mouse over the lot size (in the buy/sell box above the chart) there is no commission required. But when I hover the mouse over the lot size in the 'Active Symbol Panel' there is a commission required of Au$168.89 for the EURUSD symbol.



03 Aug 2018, 16:46

USDCHF pair in current version requires margin of Au$270 for 1 lot.

In 3.0 Beta a 1 lot position of USDCHF is asking for a margin of Au$6,770.

Both accounts have the same Leverage settings.


06 Aug 2018, 09:36

Bug fixes

This new version obviously needs some stuff sorted, my chart candles keep frezzing, they are giving different candles to the ctrader web i am running through FX pro. How long will this go on before it is fixed. Time to change otherwise.


Panagiotis Charalampous
06 Aug 2018, 10:14

RE: Bug fixes

scotthornby said:

This new version obviously needs some stuff sorted, my chart candles keep frezzing, they are giving different candles to the ctrader web i am running through FX pro. How long will this go on before it is fixed. Time to change otherwise.

Hi scotthornby,

Thanks for reporing this issue. Note that this is a beta and issues will be sorted out before releasing to brokers. Could you please share some screenshots demonstrating this issue so that our team can investigate and fix this?

Best Regards,