New Features in cTrader Mobile 2.9

Created at 07 Aug 2018, 12:30
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New Features in cTrader Mobile 2.9
07 Aug 2018, 12:30

Dear Traders,

We would like to inform you that cTrader Mobile Beta has been updated to version 2.9 and is available now to download on Google Play and App Store. The new update comes with new chart type “Area”, Pipsometer (chart measuring tool) and social sharing functionality.

New Chart Type ‘Area’

The new version has incorporated a new chart type called “Area” or also known as “Mountain” chart. It shows the peaks and dips of price visually reminding of the side of the mountain.


Chart Pipsometer

With pipsometer tool, you can precisely measure pip distance on charts. What’s more, it clings to Open High Low Close of candles which makes the measurement very easy.  

Social Sharing

You can invite friends to trade with cTrader Mobile App by sharing the link to your social networks, messengers, email or clipboard.

Adaptive App Icon on Android

If you are an Android user, you can now enjoy the adaptive app icon of cTrader logo on your phone (Android 8.0+).

To view and try the new cTrader Mobile 2.9, please download its Beta version from Google Play or App Store.


13 Aug 2018, 11:45

This crosshair time problem is also in the IOS version of the app.

I'm using it on iPhone 6S but still use the previous version on my iPad due to these issues and no HA candles.  HA candles should have been coded in before dots or lines. I know no one that trades seriously with dot or line charts.




13 Aug 2018, 11:47

Another thing I've noticed is that I can NOT colour lines in any of the indicators. In the previous IOS app, I'm able to colour indicator lines as needed.


07 Aug 2018, 18:19

Hi cTrader,

I found an bug in new Android cTrader App. I changed time zone in Appsetting to GMT+7, but the time below cross hair still keeping GMT+0.

Please fix it in next build!