cTrader Copy is Live


Spotware said:

Dear Traders,

We are happy to announce that cTrader Copy, a new copy trading service and a flexible investment platform is now live and is available as a fully integrated feature of cTrader Web 3.0. This will soon replace cMirror.

All the strategies from cMirror are now available in cTrader Copy too, together with their trading statistics. You can find them using the search and start copying. The strategy providers can adjust them as per their preferences using new fee types and minimum investment amount that are currently set to default.

cTrader Copy vs cMirror

cTrader Copy has a number of great features comparing to cMirror. Please refer to the table below for details.

Watch Introduction Video about cTrader Copy

Launch cTrader Copy

These are amazing updates! Thanks for keeping cTrader even better everyday. Here is a game changer idea for the industry. I hope you considers this as well;

The problem with signal services is that it's more like scalping rather than fund management. At the moment a hedge fund manager wouldn't provide signals as all are positions are visible to public. At some point even the subscriber might get all his/her knowledge for free. (Subscribe with a 200 USD account and get the positions, unless they are scalping orders this would work) Well, you may say a signal provider (fund manager) might choose who can copy. Here is a solution to that situation which anyone can benefit;

A new type of signal copying style might be added to the cCopy platform (no ideas for naming) which subscriber reserve funds for the signal  but cannot see the open positions until they are realized / closed. 

Signal Subscriber can;
1. Check history of signal provider
2. Access all historical data and analysis 
3. See his funds live profit or live loss
4. Stop copying any time

Benefits for subscriber
Subscriber keeps the money in his/her account while it's managed. Don't have to give funds to another broker or managers account.
Gets a good reliable service from professional managers who wouldn't share positions publicly
Pays only fees or profit based
Cancel anytime (no hedge fund lock-up period)

Benefits for provider;
Provide industry class fund management without scalping
Secure positions
No legal obligations for fund raising yet secure like a hedge fund

Best Regards,