What's New in cTrader Copy

What's New in cTrader Copy

Dear Traders,

We are happy to announce that our new copy trading service cTrader Copy has been released as a fully integrated part of cTrader Web!

cTrader Copy delivers several improvements in the copying process by incorporating new features and tools. See below the key features of cTrader Copy.

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Equity to Equity Model

The new copying model is based on Equity to Equity Ratio which means that the volume that will be copied is defined according to the Strategy Provider’s and Investor’s Equity. The system now automatically recalculates the volume of Investor’s positions to adjust it to equity to equity ratio, taking into account any allocated amount changes due to the deposits and withdrawals of both parties. This results in position sizes of the Strategy Provider and Investor being relative to the resources which each party has or has allocated to the strategy.

Separate Copy Trading Accounts

Also, every followed strategy is now placed automatically in Separate Copy Trading Accounts, rather than being all consolidated under one. This gives Investors a clear view of each strategy performance making it easy for analysis and risk management. What's more, this allows Investors to apply Equity Stop Loss per strategy rather than for the entire account, keeping profitable copying running. The same logic now applies and for fees, which are calculated for each copying account independently, making it more precise and fare.

Important change: with the aim to keep the same trading as Strategy Provider, the existing positions of a strategy will be copied once the Investor starts copying, and the functionality of allowing Investors to change copied positions will be removed.

Extended Control of Funds

Some other changes implemented in cTrader Copy include the Investor’s ability of increasing and decreasing funds allocated to a particular strategy. This can be done without stopping the copying of the Strategy, the Investor can increase their equity to potentially get higher returns, as well reduce their stake in the strategy or withdraw profits while keeping the initial amount allocated, all of this can be done at any time . This provides Investors with additional controls to easily manage their funds.

The increased transparency and automation simplified the trading process while allowing Investors being more in control of their funds and taking wiser trading decisions.

New Payment Fees

In addition to the Volume Based Commissions, which was the only payment option in cMirror, the cTrader Copy has introduced two new types of fees - Performance fees and Management fees. All three methods can be combined or selected individually.

  • The Volume Based Commissions are based on the volume that the investors have traded while copying the strategy and charged for opening and closing of each position.

  • The Performance Fee payment method allows Strategy Provider to take a percentage of the investors’ profit using a High Water Mark which ensures that the Investor doesn't get charged twice for the same or lower performance.

  • The Management Fee represents an annual percentage of Investors’ Equity which is calculated daily and paid end of each month.

Minimum Investment Amount

Another new feature of cTrader Copy is the Minimum Investment Amountthat allows Strategy Providers to have a meaningful return by setting an entry level for the Investors who wish to follow their strategy. This also means that Investors will not be able to withdraw from their copying accounts if Equity will drop below this limit while they are actively following a strategy.

The flexibility of the new fees structure and the minimum investment amount setting aim to fulfill the needs and trading goals of any kind of Strategy Provider and Investor.

Improved Control Panel

All the data is presented in the newly redesigned dashboard,which brought up useful information previously hidden in the menu or tabs, extended its analytics and charts, and incorporated some useful functionality. From the dashboard, the traders can see all their copying accounts with followed strategies, take fast actions and modify settings, and analyse the selected strategies, thus being equipped with the most advanced control panel for effective trading.

Advanced Analytics

The Strategy Profile now features Advanced Analytics with more detailed statistics providing Investors with rich insights on performance and behavior of each strategy. In addition to Time Weighted ROI, Balance vs. Equity and Breakdown of Traded Symbols charts, that are now all visible on a single page, traders can also see the History of Followers, a new chart that represents the growth of Investors over time.

Favorite Strategies

Also, Investors can now bookmark Favorite Strategies to watch, monitor and come back to them later.

Strategy Promotional Tools

Last but not least, the cTrader Copy offers more possibilities for Strategy Providers to promote their strategies by sharing their strategy profile with an embeddable code to external resources. The Embeddable Strategy Profile showcases the strategy in real time outside of the cTrader platform allowing Strategy Providers to attract new Investors.

Inviting Investors

Strategies can now be shared with the Investors in two ways - among all traders without any restrictions, or traders with invitation links only. In the last case, Strategy Providers can invite traders to follow the strategy via a direct private link. Such strategies cannot be searched and discovered from the Strategies list, they are hidden from anyone else except those who have unique invitation links.

Overall, cTrader Copy is a highly competitive investment platform that stands out in the market thanks to its transparency and flexibility. The improved copying model and new fees structure together with advanced analytics and effective trading and promotional tools makes it suitable for any kind of Strategy Providers and Investors.

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I know the definition of high water mark but what I was asking was how much high water mark is being used ?is it 5% , 2% etc and is it calculated on monthly basis ?
trend_meanreversion said:

I know the definition of high water mark but what I was asking was how much high water mark is being used ?is it 5% , 2% etc and is it calculated on monthly basis ?

I think I got my answer . Forget about the question. Thanks for the info