Multi-timeframe robots/indicators


alexnikon said:

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Hi alexnikon,

I cannot help you further at the moment because I have no idea what is the indicator expected to do. You need to provide more information of what the expected outcome should be and what does the indicator do instead. Screenshots would be helpful.

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Dear PanagiotisCharalampous. Thank you very much again. Sorry, the Gann-High-Low indicator isn't very popular. It is based on moving averages of High and Low prices of the series. It shows only one of them which is below the trend - would it be  the average of Highs or Lows depending of the trend direction. The line sharply swaps the side around the trend when the Close price penetrates the actual high or low price average line in the opposite movement and the trend changes direction (pict.1).

Not sure whether my explanation is clear, but hope the pictures can help. I sorry for asking so much attention... Thanks in advance...


Dear Panagiotic

Here you can see what the H1 chart looks like when I use consecutively M5, Daily and H1 (normal) custom frames.

(Sorry for publishing them this way. Can not see how to attach the link from cTrader directly...)

Thank you very much.