cTrader Mobile Gets New Features in Version 3.5

23 May 2019, 10:27cTrader Mobile Gets New Features in Version 3.5#1
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Dear Trader,

We are pleased to inform you that in a constant effort to improve our platform experience, we have updated cTrader Mobile to version 3.5, unveiling the following features:

  • Positions Modification in Full-Screen Chart Mode

Positions can now be modified in chart full-screen mode. Close, Double and Reverse options are available.

  • Broker Symbol Descriptions

Broker-customizable Symbol Description section has been added in Symbol Overview

  • Drawing Rectangle Addition

The Rectangle Drawing is now available for enhanced analytics’ purposes

  • Instant Access to Number of Orders

Number of Orders Badges have been placed on Positions & Orders tab for quick trader access


To try these new features, please download cTrader Mobile 3.5 Beta on Google Play or App Store.

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