cTrader to Offer New Generation of Customer Support

19 Jun 2019, 12:33cTrader to Offer New Generation of Customer Support#1
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Dear traders,

To deliver the highest level of customer support on the cTrader trading platform, we have partnered up with Blinger.io, the omnichannel solution for customer communication. The prime plan of action is to integrate cTrader Live Chat with Blinger.io.

What is Blinger.io

Blinger.io combines the most popular messaging apps and social networks in one interface for brokers to manage, providing you with your preferred channel of communication.

Benefits of Integration

cTrader has its own native Live Chat feature for you to communicate with your broker within the platform (if enabled by the broker). The integration with Blinger.io will allow cTrader Live Chat to become one of its channels. This way, you will get many more options to contact your broker, be it via cTrader Live Chat, messaging apps or social networks.

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