cTrader Mobile 3.6 Update Reveals New User Perks

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Spotware since: 23 Sep 2013;

  11 Jul 2019, 11:47
cTrader Mobile 3.6 Update Reveals New User Perks

Dear Trader,

We are happy to announce the release of cTrader Mobile 3.6, aimed at delivering an even more seamless and easy-flowing mobile trading experience on your IOS and Android devices. 

Draggable SL and TP

You can now amend Stop Loss and Take Profit on your orders and positions by means of a simple Drag & Drop function in full-screen chart mode, as demonstrated below.


Improved Watchlist Editing

New symbols can now be added to watchlists directly from the search by means of clicking on the star icon.

Additionally, a Drag & Drop function can be used to easily reorder symbols in custom watchlists, as follows.


The new version also comprises a series of bug fixes and performance improvements.

To try these new features, please download cTrader Mobile 3.6 Beta via Google Play or App Store.

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equantfx since: 18 Jul 2016;

  03 Sep 2019, 09:45

does the Draggable SL and TP work on Samsung?  I hav the mobile version 3.6.54200

I click on chart and go to full screen mode but I don't have the handles to allow adjusting the SL or TP.  This is a very useful feature!  hope I can get it to work, any pointers?

I am with ICMarkets.