What's New in cTrader Mobile 3.8

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cTrader Team since: 23 Sep 2013; 
 01 Nov 2019, 08:31
What's New in cTrader Mobile 3.8

Dear Trader,

We are happy to announce a further update of cTrader Mobile, now providing you with new features in order to improve your trading experience when using the cTrader mobile app, both on iOS and Android.


The new version is introducing Targets, in collaboration with Trading Central, where trading signals can be accessible straight from the chart. Users can read the strategy behind the signal, select their desired Quantity, choose if they want to set up the recommended Take Profit and Stop Loss levels and open their position according to the signal. 


Close Positions filter

All positions that match certain criteria can now be closed with a single tap.   

Shift parameters for indicators

Indicators can now be moved left or right for more flexible technical analysis.  


Track values in Crosshair mode

You can make use of the enhanced Crosshair tool to inspect bar values including market series data and indicator values. 

The version also comprises a series of bug fixes and performance improvements.

To try these new features, please download cTrader Mobile 3.8 Beta via Google Play or App Store

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Andrew Parish since: 04 Nov 2017; 
 03 Nov 2019, 23:17

I don't know if it's just me being oblivious but is there a way to display the in and out commission toll in the mobile (Android) cTrader order window?

If not, I think it might be a good idea to display it. I can see my inputted financial risk amount (Stop loss distance and position size) but this paints an incomplete picture of my total financial risk.


(And....a toggleable chart scale and fully customisable colour options for all chart elements would be absolutely fantastic)