cTrader Desktop 3.7 Has Been Released on Beta

cTrader Desktop 3.7 Has Been Released on Beta

Dear Trader,

We are delighted to let you know that cTrader Desktop 3.7 has now been released.

The new version comes equipped with a whole series of enhancements for a complete trading experience, including a fully-integrated FXStreet Economic Calendar, previously made available in cTrader Web, as well as Multi-Symbol Backtesting, requested by those of you using cTrader Automate.

Download cTrader Desktop 3.7 Beta

Economic Calendar

You can now observe the full list of economic events for a complete Fundamental analysis without leaving the trading platform. The Active Symbols Panel has been equipped with a list of economic events for each selected symbol.

Multi-Symbol Backtesting for cBots

cBots have been vastly improved to use other symbols during backtesting. This comprises the ability to perform trade operations, get historical data, subscribe to tick events and analyze indicators.

New Chart Zoom 

Charts have been improved with a new smooth zooming function. Furthermore, you can now zoom in and out via a simple shortcut: Ctrl + Mouse scroll.

Freehand Drawing Tool 

The new Pencil tool now allows freehand drawing on charts for increased customization and convenience.

Detached Chart Containers 

Detached windows can now contain multiple charts with customizable layouts for the bigger picture view. Detached chart containers further comprise their own drawing instruments’ toolbar, and charts can be easily moved between containers and the main window via a simple drag & drop function.

Hide Sensitive Information 

For elevated user privacy purposes, all your sensitive information, including account number, account balance and cTID name can now be hidden from the screen. These settings can be found in the General settings section.

New Historical Data API 

Historical data API has been equipped with a variety of new features and API usability improvements.

MarketData possesses new methods of: GetBars, GetBarsAsync, GetTicks, and GetTicksAsync. These API methods work for current and other symbols in both - real-time and backtesting. 

Further, new API methods have been added to load more history.

Clouds Between Indicator Lines

Developers now can use clouds between indicator lines. A cloud can be added using a single attribute with 2 line names, such as:

[Cloud("UpperBand", "LowerBand")]

Bars’ Custom Color Using API 

cBots and indicators can now change individual bar colors using new API methods: SetBarColor, SetBarFillColor, SetBarOutlineColor, and SetTickVolumeColor.

Other UI Improvements

Automate Parameters Panel 

For quick access to cBot and indicator parameters in the Automate section, you can now use the new Parameters Panel. The panel is visible by default, but can be hidden using the Layout menu.

Show/Hide QuickTrade buttons on chart 

New chart setting now allows to show or hide QuickTrade buttons.

Positions Count Badge

The new Positions Count Badge function displays the number of your open positions per each symbol for increased standing visibility.

Add New Chart Button

An Add New Chart Button option has been added to the main toolbar for swift access. New charts can now be added in a click in both - Multi-Chart and Free-Chart mode.

cTrader Desktop 3.7 will be released to your broker in the nearest future. In the meantime, you can try all the new features out on Beta.

Download cTrader Desktop 3.7 Beta

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