New Features in cTrader Copy

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Spotware since: 23 Sep 2013;

  18 Feb 2021, 16:32
New Features in cTrader Copy

Dear traders,

We would like to inform you that the following features have been added to cTrader Copy. Please note that some features may not be available until UI application updates support them.

The immediate deposit of the Fees to the Strategy Provider Account after charging from the Copy Account

After a Fee is charged from a Copy Account, the funds are immediately deposited to the Strategy Provider’s Account. This feature allows the Strategy Providers to receive funds immediately without waiting until the end of the day. Also, it helps to track how much money a Strategy Provider received from a specific Follower. The Volume Fee is deposited to the Strategy Provider account along with other types of Fee, unlike previously, when the Volume Fee was deposited at the end of the day.

Charging the Unrealized Fees on withdrawals from the Copy Account

When a User withdraws any amount of the invested funds from his Copy Account, then all his Unrealized Fees are charged immediately in full amount.

Hiding the Strategy Provider’s open positions

We have implemented the Strategy Provider’s ability to hide open positions from all traders. This feature will be available in one of the upcoming cTrader Web releases, and enables the Strategy Provider to show only their closed positions and protects them from unwanted copying.

Support changing the owner of the Strategy Provider's Account and Account for Fees

cTID user is the owner of the trading account. If the owner of the Strategy Provider’s Account or Account for Fees is changed, then the Fees from the Followers will be received by another user than the primal owner of the Strategy Provider Account. In the new Copy version, if the owner of the Strategy Provider's Account or Account for Fees is changed, then the Account for Fees will equal the Strategy Provider's Account.

Strategy Name length limitation

To prevent flooding or redundant wording in the UI, we have limited the allowed length for the Strategy name to 80 characters.

Updating trader balance with every transaction in the Account Profile page

cTrader Copy now supports more frequent balance updates on the Account Profile page - the balance is updated on every transaction. 

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Shares4us since: 01 Apr 2020;

  26 Feb 2021, 08:06

This looks like nice changes. but the most important things are not adressed.
1. STOP Scammers and Imposters 
2. Abandon volume fee or freeze volume fee funds until viability has been researched.

See discussions on

and vote for Copy Improvements

robymall since: 01 Feb 2019;

  01 Mar 2021, 22:21

I am not going to receive any strategy fees from 13th. I don't know where to find them in "new version" the fees.