cTrader Web 4.2 Has Been Released!

Created at 17 Jan 2022, 12:24
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cTrader Web 4.2 Has Been Released!
17 Jan 2022, 12:24

Dear Trader,

We are glad to inform you that cTrader Web 4.2 has now been released. 

The new release comes with high-end internal logic improvements that open up a whole new level of speed, responsiveness and performance of the cTrader Web Application. The update ameliorates your experience through never-prior-seen swiftness in general application start-up time and user command response, while native authorization grants additional ease in platform access. Additionally, new timeframes for chart building have been introduced for an even more precise technical analysis. 

cTrader Web

Performance Optimization

Significant changes have been made to the structure of the application and its interaction with servers. As a result of this, the performance of the application has improved, the startup time of the application has been reduced by 2 times, and the responsiveness of the application to user commands has largely increased.

Native Authorization 

Native Sign up / Sign in pages have been implemented for more convenient access to the platform.

Server-Side Heikin Ashi

The maintenance of the Heikin Ashi chart type by building according to data from the server has been implemented. Previously, this type of chart was implemented in the application itself. The placement for the selection of this type of chart has also changed for further user convenience. The chart can now be selected in the group of chart types Standard Tick and Heikin Ashi.


New Timeframes

New timeframes have been introduced for chart building, such as minutes (2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, 45), hours (2, 3, 6, 8, 12), days (2, 3), etc. for more trader technical analysis precision.


New button "New Order"

Added a new button in the header of the platform “New Order”, which provides a quick and visual way to call the function of creating a new order, even when the other panels of the platform are hidden.


New Order button in main panel – 1.png


Easy expand/collapse blocks in the ASP

Added the ability to expand/collapse blocks in the ASP panel by clicking at the entire block header, and not just by the button to the right, as it was before. It's convenient, the clickable area is enlarged.

Expand and Collapse blocks in the ASP – 1.png

cTrader Copy

Added Information about Auto-Withdrawal after Copying was Stopped 

Once you stop following a Strategy, it is better from a business point of view to automatically withdraw the funds to the parent account, in order for you to be able to reinvest them or use them for trading without delay and further interactions. You are now warned about the upcoming withdrawal after you stop copying.



The new cTrader Web 4.2 is currently live on Beta and will be released to brokers in the nearest future.

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01 Feb 2022, 23:03


Good news! What is the timeline for Desktop 4.2?

From what I understand it's going to be updated to .NET 5 or 6, including for the cBots and Indicators. Is this correct?


02 Feb 2022, 08:05

Hi kemenist,

There is no ETA at the moment but we are at the final stages of development. It should be out soon.

Best Regards,


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02 Feb 2022, 15:37

RE: buggy ctrader copy on ctrader web?



I think the ctrader copy wbe interface is buggy.  I am seeing that for some providers I have :



but for other providers I am able to click on start copying.  I have this message in cases where there was an equity stop loss OR if I stopped copying the strategy (afterwards I cannot start again).


additionally,  today  I wanted to partially withdraw some funds,  ctrader copy completely removed the funds (credited to my account so ok on the $ side),  but  I was no longer able to copy the strategy (message above).

Issue seems reproducible,  so I think it is a bug