OpenAPI.NET 1.4.2 Released

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  28 Mar 2022, 16:03
OpenAPI.NET 1.4.2 Released

We released new version of our .NET package for Open API, the made major improvements in this version related to memory usage.


  • Now it doesn't allocate a new array for each incoming data, it means less memory usage and less pressure on GC
  • We used Span to reverse the length of message instead of array, it will avoid the extra array allocation
  • Now there is one data length array that we reuse for all incoming messages, instead of creating new ones for each message, this will avoid lots of unnecessary allocations
  • OpenAPI.NET 1.4 now targets .NET 6, older versions were based on .NET standard 2.1

If you are using OpenAPI.NET we strongly recommend you to update to the latest available version (1.4.2).

spotware/OpenAPI.Net: cTrader Open API .NET Rx library (

We welcome any community contribution, open a PR or issue on Github repository.

OpenAPI.NET is a production ready package in case you want to use it on your .NET apps.

It powers the popular cMAM software and lots of other Open API .NET apps.

From version 1.4 we changed the Nuget package name from Spotware.OpenAPI.Net to cTrader.OpenAPI.Net.

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