Updated Strategy Rank

Created at 27 Jun 2022, 15:48
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Updated Strategy Rank
27 Jun 2022, 15:48

Dear traders,

We would like to announce that with the latest release of cTrader Copy, we have introduced some changes in cTrader Copy Strategy Rank calculation. The changes are the following

Extend Formula with Fee Parameters

Many traders consider the Performance Fee to be the most fair for the followers, so strategies which apply Management Fees and/or Volume Fees have been downgraded in the Rank calculation.

Increase the Influence of the Current ROI over the Historical ROI

Strategy Rank has been modified to place more emphasis on the current ROI over the historical ROI. It is much more important for a follower to see strategies which are performing well here and now, and not those that once traded well in the past.

Best Regards,

cTrader Team


09 Jan 2023, 00:00


Hello Team, 

We as traders appreciate your continuing support and creativity, however this last update has gone wrong. 

We believe it is unfair for hard working strategies to be flipping around pages of 8,9,10,11 and above, every refresh new strategies showing up in top 3 pages even with lower main parameters such as Date started, capital followed & ROI ( The point of RANK is to place top strategies in order for a follower to make a decision) You have other filters to do the random switching.

The competition feeling has gone away between top providers.

The fee parameters seems fine, but Increase the Influence of the Current ROI over the Historical ROI came as a surprise for all strategy providers that are doing great every month. 

Please have another review of current update as pages from 3-15 have great strategies compared to the once showing in the first 3 pages.

1. All time ROI | Overall Performance 

2. Monthly ROI | Current performance 

3. Date started | How old is it live for, is it working or not.

4. Own funds | What is the risk applied on own.

5. Capital followed | Credibility.

Those are important parameters and great tool for a follower to make a decision and not otherwise in our humble opinion. 

What is the point of a strategy doing great one week and others below others, or they doing crazy ROI but other data not great. 

Please let us know your opinion the rank page before was great! there was a proud moment to to be in top 3 pages. Its RANK not random RANK.