Cross Broker cTrader Mobile 4.5 Released

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  17 Aug 2022, 09:21
Cross Broker cTrader Mobile 4.5 Released

Dear traders, 

We are delighted to announce the new cTrader Mobile 4.5 release, which, among other features, now offers the cross broker functionality. 

Additionally, the update provides an opportunity for Deal Sharing, which allows you to share your success via multiple social media channels. The version also features a series of chart improvements for a superior technical analysis, and a mobile deal history filter for increased convenience. Last but not least, the IOS version now comes with a Blotter, just like its Android counterpart. 

Cross-broker Functionality

Cross-broker functionality allows traders to now access all their existing accounts through a single cross-broker application, and trade with them within one app, with no need to open multiple cTrader applications and switch between them.

Mobile Deal Sharing

Enables you to share your success via a selection of social media, thanks to the native sharing tool. The shared image contains a deal map and the most important parameters of the deal.

Mobile History Filter

Deal history can now be filtered by dates and sorted by several deal parameters. Additionally, column names in History Screen are now also tabable and sort grid content.


Mobile Chart Improvements

Two new types of chart drawings have been added: Triangle and Arrow line, for greater possibilities in technical chart analysis. Additionally, an option to place Price Alert directly in the chart using Horizontal Line, and ways to edit drawing settings and coordinate them without closing the chart have been added.

Mobile iOS Blotter

Allows our iOS users to view trading signals, market news and important account events all in one convenient format.

The version also comprises a series of bug fixes and performance improvements.

To try the new features, please download cTrader Mobile 4.5 Beta via Google PlayApp Store & Amazon Store.

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