cTrader Desktop 4.7.9 Release Notes

Created at 21 Apr 2023, 09:09
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cTrader Desktop 4.7.9 Release Notes
21 Apr 2023, 09:09

Dear traders,

Please find below the release notes for cTrader Desktop 4.7.9

  • The following issues were addressed
    • History tab not being updated in different instances of the app
    • Chart.FindAllObjects() crashing when there is a Fibonacci Timezones on the chart
    • Indicator which adds a control on chart is not initialized in Market Replay
    • Trade Statistics not being updated in the Symbol Window
    • Net Profit not being calculated in Analyze
  • The following reported exceptions have been fixed
    • #934003C9
    • #E120D629
    • #D0F78D64
    • #6531C75F
    • "Loading broker settings was cancelled" Exception
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations.

Best regards,

cTrader Team