USA Brokers?

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  12 Jun 2013, 00:17
USA Brokers?

After the v500 update I stumbled across your platform... OMG WOW!!! This is easily the best forex platform I have ever used. I also see that many are asking for MQ4 convertors and while that would be sweet. If you get a lot of brokers to adopt this platform I can guarantee that new EA's will be created and users/traders will follow the EA's BUT they need to be able to access their favorite brokers.

At the moment I only see a hanful of brokers and none from the USA. Are there any plans for ANY USA broker to debut this technology. As a programmer I want to convert my EA's to cTrader but without brokers to run them its pretty pointless since most of my clients arent with cTrader Brokers. Thats why I suggest expanding the broker network since running EA's is the easiest transition from system to sytem for users since they only load plaform then EA.. done. Kinda a sweet deal since brokers can have both platforms and as new EA's come out for cTraders users and run either/or both platforms with very little fuss.

Any word on USA brokers using (or planning to use) cTrader?

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  12 Jun 2013, 02:35

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  12 Jun 2013, 16:37

Dear Trader,

Thank you for your kind words. 

Unlike existing market making legacy platform, our Open API called Spotware Connect allows  third-party application integration of existing Forex related products into the cTrader platform, stay tuned for further updates.
Moreover, automated strategies can easily be converted from any proprietary languages to cAlgo. Besides, cAlgo is written in C# which is a very popular easy to learn language, contains methods that facilitate code development, as well as offers asynchronous operations, access to Level 2 prices, event-handlers and many more features.

We have many requests from traders for cTrader/cAlgo DMA/NDD suite in the US and we may have good news for you some time soon, however please feel free to contact your broker and ask for cTrader.

Many thanks,
Spotware Team