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everythingbusiness10posts: 1since: 11 Mar 2019

Hi, i am brand new to c sharp and coding i have watched tutorials on csharp and calgo, but still very confusing to me but i really want to learn how to code so i can create algos.

Can someone please help me i want to create a algo where it consists of 3 indicators..
what is an oscillator and the other 2 are trend indicators.

what i want to do is when the oscillator reaches say value 20 enter buy position ONLY on the condition that when the oscillator previously reached the value 20 the trend indicators were all lower.. ( so  basically higher highers)

and the same for sell.. when the oscillator reaches the value 80 enter sell position ONLY on the condition that the previous time it reached value 80 it was higher.

i would want to be able to adjust all parameters so the settings of the oscillator and trend indicators also be able to change take profit and stol loss levels.

is there anyway a template could be made for this so all i have to do is input the indicators into the code .. or if someone is willing to walk me through it as i do want to understand it, would be great help!!!


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Panagiotis Charalampousposts: 2721since: 13 Jan 2017

Hi everythingbusiness10,

If you need professional assistance for developing your cBot, you can always post a Job or contact a Consultant.

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