USDCHF backtest has invalid backtest data, and gives me a 1200+ pip trade!


PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Hi wilson347,

Price feeds are a responsibility of the broker. You need to check this with ICMarkets.

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I have messaged ICMarkets but They are not responding. Can I just ask this - if I use ICMarket one minute data from within cTrader and output the bid price on each bar opening I can see the huge change in price (for the minutes 11:41, 11:42 & 11:43), see below. These are totally wrong I think, but can someone just confirm this please(maybe with another brokers data).

How can I trust data like this? I just happened to notice this discrepancy in price purely by accident, but what other discrepancies are there that are unnoticed that folks are trusting their backtests and optimizations against?

Can anyone recommend ICMArkets and their data? OR a different broker with good data perhaps please?

11:34:00.000 | Bid Price=1.00567
11:35:00.000 | Bid Price=1.00575
11:36:00.000 | Bid Price=1.00573
11:37:00.000 | Bid Price=1.00596
11:39:00.000 | Bid Price=1.00575
11:40:00.000 | Bid Price=1.00575
11:41:00.000 | Bid Price=1.13412
11:42:00.000 | Bid Price=1.1343
11:43:00.000 | Bid Price=1.13427

11:44:00.000 | Bid Price=1.00594
11:45:00.000 | Bid Price=1.00596
11:46:00.000 | Bid Price=1.00592
11:47:00.000 | Bid Price=1.00586
11:48:00.000 | Bid Price=1.0059

Thank you
Dave Wilson