Editing with visual studio on 4.2 not working?

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  14 Apr 2022, 05:29
Editing with visual studio on 4.2 not working?

I've decided to just move to using Visual Studio to edit algorithms, and installed Visual Studio 2022, I tried using it with 4.1 and found it wasn't supported.
So I moved to using 4.2, and when I click "edit with visual studio" in calgo. Nothing happens. Absolutely nothing. Nothing opens, nothing throws an error. The dropdown  menu just closes and it doesn't do anything.

Even if visual studio is open in the background, nothing happens.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I've got it working now. Apparently, it only works if you create a new bot in 4.2, If you try to open an existing bot that was created in 4.1, it will fail silently.

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  14 Apr 2022, 10:47


cTrader 4.2 supports both new SDK style projects and legacy projects built by cTrader 4.1 and older versions.

If your Indicator/cBot was built by an older version of cTrader / legacy project then cTrader 4.2 will use Visual Studio 2019 for opening it not 2022.

If you only have Visual Studio 2022 then you can fix this by rebuilding your old legacy style indicators/cBots inside cTrader 4.2 and changing it to Target .NET 6, then you will be able to open it with Visual Studio 2019 but it will not work anymore on cTrader 4.1.

Regarding cTrader 4.2 not showing any error message when it can't find Visual Studio 2019, it does show an error dialog.

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