Optimization Program error

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  19 Mar 2023, 07:33
Optimization Program error

I guess no one will want to answer my question just like when I was asking some simple questions many times before. But ok, here it is...

I can run the Optimization program and backtest my cBot in cTrader when I am logged in with the IC Markets broker without any problems for weeks.

But with the IC Markets I can only Backtest it (on accurate tick data) from 18.10.2016 onward. So I decided to log out from IC Markets in cTrader 4.6.4 .

Then I just logged in with my other email on which I do not have a broker. I created a trading account in cTrader. I got a Spotware demo account.

With the Spotware demo account I can Optimize and Backtest from the date 11.11.2012 -This is great because I want to Optimize my cBot for best and safest performance.

But the problem I am getting all the time when logged in with the Spotware account is annoying. The optimization program crashes and stops every time when it reaches about 100 passes.

The play button just stays on but no optimization is running so I have to check from time to time if it is working. 

My cBot has no errors or warnings and works just fine.

This usually happens when all or some of the threads (in my case my cpu has 6 cores and 12 threads, so it is working with 12 threads at one time) nearly or just finished with the Parameters set for the current optimization and then the optimization program tries to put them based on the Fitness score.

Anyone know what can I do to Optimize my cBot from 2012 onward without the Optimization program crashing all the time?

I tried to reduce the date from 2014 onward but it keeps happening.

Thank you for your help.

This is the fifth time it happened. I restarted my computer every time it happened and ran it again and it still crashed. (in this case I pressed the stop button after it crashed. But if I did not the play button would be still active but no optimization would be running)

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  20 Mar 2023, 09:47

Dear trader,

Please provide us with the following information that will allow us to reproduce this problem and provide further advise

  1. The cBot source code.
  2. Optimization parameters

Best regards,

cTrader Team

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