cBot bollinger Bands "shift" input

Created at 08 Jun 2023, 16:30


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cBot bollinger Bands "shift" input
08 Jun 2023, 16:30

Hi Guys,

I would like to access the Bollinger bands "shift" parameter via API (cBot) but it doesn't appear to be accessible.
We can see it here (below) in the Indicator settings:

OnStart() we specify/preset the parameters we want to access/manipulate. "shift" is not listed. (see below)
Could someone please advise if it's possible to access "shift" and how I could do that?
I would like to add a "shift" value of 2.

Thank you kindly.


09 Jun 2023, 02:59

Another FAIL on Spotware's part by whoever's in charge of the API team.

See the example I left for you on your other thread with Moving Averages



09 Jun 2023, 14:22

Thank you firemyst