Restarting a bot

Created at 16 Nov 2023, 09:16


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Restarting a bot
16 Nov 2023, 09:16

Is there any tutorial or sample code for restarting a bot and having it pick up any existing position.

I have a working bot that creates and monitors new positions and its all working fine, however occasionally there is a need to restart the bot (like the PC reboots) and its a bit awkward if there was an open position, it  would be better if it could find and use the current open position…



21 Nov 2023, 01:30

Positions.FindAll(yourPosition.yourLabel, Symbol.Name)

You need to give each of your positions a unique label when creating them.

Then, when you start your bot, check for them if you know there's open positions:

Positions.FindAll(yourPosition.yourLabel, Symbol.Name)