Cmirror comission question

06 Feb 2019, 02:37Cmirror comission question#1
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Today I received my first cmirror commissions. On the most recent email I got telling me of a new follower, it showed 4 cents accrued comission. Upon getting the payment from my broker I received 3 cents.


why is the value different? I know it only a small amount but I like o test things before dumping more cash.




06 Feb 2019, 02:39RE:#2
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And also the amount accrued was in USD, and I was paid in AUD which means I should have received equal to or more cause the Aussie sucks lol

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Hi zedodia,

30% of your commissions are retained by Spotware. You can read more here.

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07 Feb 2019, 12:15#4
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When someone starts following my strat on cmirror I get an email. The bottom two rows are called ‘funds mirrored’ and ‘commissions acquired’ 


can you you please tell me what these are. Because the commissions acquired is far greater than what I have received